Chick Day….as in chickens…

Just before school got out for the summer, the hatchery called and said the baby chicks I ordered were ready to pick up.  Our youngest insisted that she get to go along to pick up the chicks and I caved to the pressure and let her come with me.


Getting baby chicks is one of my FAVORITE days in the world…I just love chicks.  Seeing them is one of those moments in life that could even make the Grinch smile.


Here’s the box with our 10 pullets (girls) and one rooster.  I couldn’t help but check out the others who didn’t get to go home with us.

It was a total cheep fest.  All the little chicks were cheeping like crazy.

We got them home and got them settled in their box in our entry way until they get bigger and I can acclimate them into the hen house.

Gracie didn’t know what to think of these new house mates.

Aren’t they just the sweetest thing?  I can sit and hold them for a long time….
Getting new baby chicks is a day that’s ALWAYS special for me.

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