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Remember not to long ago I said that we had several quilts coming out in upcoming magazines??  Well I’m here to tell you about one of them.  We are super excited about this one because we’ve never had a quilt in a McCall’s publication before!


This is the issue you’ll need to look for if you want to get a copy.  Look for the McCall’s Quick Quilts December/January 2017 issue.  You can see all the quilts featured in the magazine by following this link.


Here’s our quilt…This was SO-SO fun to make and honestly, it’s SO easy.  If you can sew a nine patch, you can sew this!!  We originally called the quilt Plus Fun…I have no idea if they kept that name as I haven’t seen a hard copy of the magazine.  Publishers often change the names of our quilts.


Note…some of these picture are from the magazine and some are one we took before we sent the quilt off.


I love the play of the scrappy neutrals…don’t you?I think it gives the quilt such a whimsy look…and if you’re looking for a way to use up scraps..oh my, this one is all scraps, all day.


You can imagine how much fun I had with this one…it was the fun mindless sewing that I love to do for therapy.  You might remember a year ago or so I was always picking up fabrics with white backgrounds.  Well a piece of many of those went into this quilt.  I had lots of white background scraps but not enough for the variety I was looking for so here and there I picked some up.  I love the look and am so please with the quilt.


I didn’t lay out the quilt at all when I sewed it together.  Where ever the blocks fell, that’s where they fell.  I made it as random and I could.  When I first started I kind of chastised myself think, “oh my, there are four yellows making a diagonal pattern all randomly, maybe I should rip that out”.  Then I thought nope…I love that I did this way!


Pick up a copy and check out the construction…You’ll be amazed at how easy it is…It’s one of those, “why didn’t I think of that?” type of patterns.

If you’re interested in only the pattern and not the magazine you can purchase the pattern via digital download here.

I was told, “Subscription issues began shipping October 4,  2016. By October 25, 2016, the issue will be available on newsstands, as well as in print or digital download format at at the following link:

A little back ground on how this came to be…remember our “Thanks to You” quilt from our book Country Girl Modern?  Well I loved that quilt.  It will always be one of my favorites.  I loved the play of the neutrals in it and wanted to another similar.  After brainstorming a bit the Plus Fun quilt took hold.

Thanks to You!

From the moment of the idea to the time it took me to start sewing…Approximately one minute.  I was inspired and wanted to start the quilt NOW!!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…as always, if you sew any of our quilts, we love to see them.  Send me a picture at  I hope you have fun with this pattern!!


19 thoughts on “Check Your Newstands”

  1. The pattern is great but what I really really love it the picture of the front of the mag and the fact that you covered when it “really” will be out if we don’t subscribe – Oct 25. It is so discouraging to go to the book store and not find mags we have been told about because it is too early. Then I promptly forget.

  2. Oh my gosh! I love this quilt. It’s got so many possibilities! I plan on doing the Rainbow Scrap challenge and this would be the perfect quilt for that. And, I can totally see it as a leader/ender project as well. For the past week or so, I’ve been googling plus quilt! Your timing is awesome!

  3. Awesome quilt, Jo! I love everything about it. I am smitten with Plus quilts and have yet to see one I don’t love. I’ll be looking for my magazine in the mail! I don’t know if this is made with 2 1/2″ squares, but that’s what I’ve got, so that’s what I’m going with. You’re a wonderful designer…thanks for another winner!

  4. Its gorgeous, Congratulations for having another great quilt out in a magazine. Now I need to go and check it out since I don’t get this one.

  5. Love the quilt and the idea of using neutrals. I will shop for the magazine tomorrow. Thank you for all you do for all of us.

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