Check Taxes Off My List…

Taxes.  Dreaded taxes.

Some people like doing their taxes because they know they will get money back.  Some people hate taxes because they know they will need to pay in.

Me, I could care less either way.  If I pay in that’s fine.  If I get a refund, that would be fine.  It’s really no matter to me either way.  Whichever side I fall on, I want to pay my share…but I absolute hate the paperwork of it all.  Just hate it.

I will clean up dog poop…I’ll chase cattle…I’ll sit through long boring meetings that make a person want to sleep, I’ll do anything most anyone considers terrible before I do paperwork.  It’s my arch nemesis.  I really don’t know what it is about paperwork but it’s not for me.

My dad was a farmer and did paperwork once a year in January.  I remember as a kid, the dining room table would get entirely cleaned off.  Mom had to move her sewing machine and project aside that normally were on the dining room table and paperwork and folders were put there instead.  Dad who was normally outside most of the time would spend a good portion of the day inside working on it all.  There were brightly colored folders and the old adding machine.

I can vividly remember the day …

my dad bought a calculator for the first time.  It was so cool…I really thought we were somebody’s to own a calculator.  I laugh when I think of that now as the “calculator” was actually quite huge compared to nowadays…heck nowadays we have calculators built into our smart phones.  Times sure have changed. 

I don’t think my Dad liked bookwork the best either…well, I think he liked that he had a job to do inside during the cold days of January…even if it was bookwork.  I don’t remember him complaining though.  I don’t remember Mom helping. 

My mom had a tidbit of advice when I got married.  She said, “Never start doing anything that you don’t want to do the rest of your life”.  So she meant, don’t start helping in the barn if you don’t want to do it the rest of your married life. 

I stayed away from taxes for as long as I could.  Back when I was working a job that gave me a W-2, my husband did the tax stuff.  Sadly, that only lasted for a couple years.

Then I started childcare and selling crafts at craft shows so things changed.  I was the one that had a small business.  I was the one who needed to keep track of the paperwork…thus the taxes and bookwork fell to me.  Boy, it’s a job I wish I could have avoided.

So do you all remember back last Fall when my grandson Eli pulled my desk top computer off the computer desk and it crashed.  I was able to retrieve some things…and others not.  One of the things I lost was my email.  I was using an old program that is no longer available so that was completely gone.  The other thing I lost was my tax records I had from January to mid Summer.  I was more devastated about losing the bookwork than my email.  As I said, I hate bookwork and dreaded starting over.  I’ve completely avoided until last week.  Yep.  That’s right.  I just didn’t do any bookwork at all for the rest of 2022. 

The other day I was talking to my son Buck on the phone.  He said that he called for his tax appointment and they were filled all the way to April 15th except for about three appointments.  CRAP.  I needed to call and get an appointment.

I was lucky.  My tax prep person wasn’t as full and I have an appointment for later this week. 

I spent two days going through receipts…two entire days.  UGH.  I just hate it. 

I spent another day finding other information. 

I spent another half day finalizing things.

I sat down to the computer to start entering all of the numbers into an excel sheet.  Imagine my huge disappointment when I dug around in the program and found the tax records that I thought were deleted back when Eli crashed my computer.  They were in a different file with the wrong file name. It was actually there.  WHAT!!  I was sure those records have been lost.  So…to add insult to injury, I had to delete them because they were not all jumbled. 

I know someone is going to be shocked that I do not regularly do my bookwork.  I regularly pay every bill.  There isn’t a bill I haven’t paid on time in YEARS…well actually four years.  I missed a bill shortly after my husband died.  I was wrapped up in the some of the paperwork dealing with his death and something just slipped my mind.  Other than that, it had been years before that since I didn’t pay a bill on time.  I have a very high credit score because I timely pay my bills…I say this because years ago a I wrote something about not liking bookwork and a blog reader thought I meant paying monthly bills…No.  I mean keeping track of how many meals I fed childcare kiddos…and keeping track of my volunteer miles…that kind of bookwork.  Blah…I did have to pay in even after I had already paid in estimates.

Well…it’s finally done.  I don’t have to worry about that for a bit.  But wait.  I probably should start my 2023 bookwork.  I can guarantee one thing though.  I am going to save in several places if I do just in case my computer crashes. 

Now back to sewing and stitching…what this blog is supposed to be about!! 

13 thoughts on “Check Taxes Off My List…”

  1. I remember my mom sitting at the table with all the receipts, bank statements, depreciation tables, etc. I know she didn’t enjoy it but there was no way my dad was going to sort it all out. Then they took it all in to a tax preparer to file. I’m at the point where I use TurboTax online. It used to be free, now there is a fee but it has most of our stuff already in the system, just need to plug in new numbers. Standard deduction, married filing jointly, various income statements and it’s done. Being retired and not being rich really makes it quite simple….and I still hate doing it!!!!

    1. Judith Fairchild

      Oh Jo, the not so joyous time of getting paperwork done. I haven’t had to file taxes since I retired but getting it done oh my. I ended up going to a professional. Got a good return on my taxes. But that 45 years ago. Getting done is such a load off of you. Yes all the paperwork needs to be kept in the files but that’s just part of being a good citizen. I do enjoy your blog no matter what you write about.

  2. Ugh I agree with you, there’s always something much better to do than paperwork! Luckily, my daughter now does all our farm paperwork, so I can concentrate on other things – sewing, gardening, crafting haha

  3. My friend said her grandmother gave her the following marital advice on the eve of her wedding: “Connie, your grandfather and I have been married 51 years. When we got married, I knew he was a duck hunter. In 51 years of our marriage, I’ve never learned to pluck a duck.”

  4. I find as getting older with no dependents, any notable deductions, just filing with standard deduction, taxes are pretty easy. And I usually get money back. But I still delay doing my taxes. I used to mail mine in old school, but now there are several free filing options for standard federal tax returns. And poor little Eli. Feel bad for him being associated with the computer crash.

  5. I guess I’m the oddball… I love paperwork! Comes from always having a desk job, I suppose. However, I don’t like filing the taxes. TurboTax is great, but they change it every year with the IRS changes and it throws me for a loop everytime. I’m looking for something to be entered in one place and it won’t be there. Always glad when it’s done!

  6. I just did my taxes and just had to file in few boxes in the Free Form from the government. That even gave me a headache. I am glad I don’t have to do anything more than standard deduction .
    Have a good day.

  7. Funny, I remember the day my dad brought home a calculator too!! I think it was Montgomery Wards, and I remember it cost $50!!

  8. Jo, I agree with Sue. Please don’t use Eli’s name anymore when you tell the computer crash story. Just say, “one of my grandchildren” pulled the cord. I can hear Georgie now, “remember when Eli smashed Grandma Jo’s computer?” He was a baby. New blog readers might think he did it on purpose!

  9. I agree, no matter what, taxes aren’t fun to do. I, too, remember my father working on his taxes. It is so much tougher when you are self-employed. It is always a relief when taxes are filed, and for me, more so when I don’t owe more!

  10. I dislike doing taxes – but I always remember my Dad saying that he was thankful he had to pay taxes, because it meant he had a job. My parents were married in 1938 and shortly after their wedding, he lost his job. He walked the streets of Minneapolis looking for work for many weeks. He was eventually hired to sew feed sacks for Archer Daniels Milling. From there, he went to work for Singer. I still have the Singer he bought for my Mom when he was working there. He went on to other jobs, but when I was learning to sew on that Singer – he was a wiz at teaching me how to use it! :)

  11. Jo, you bring a smile to my face every day! We all have those things we hate to do and I’ll gladly do the paperwork as opposed to cleaning up dog poop. :-) But I worked as a bookkeeper/accounting clerk and admin all of my life so it is second nature for me AND in 47 years of marriage my husband won’t touch the stuff – he hates it as much as you. I’m glad we have the things we love to do and the people we love to be with to counter the rough times.

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