Check out this..Barn Quilts Galore!!

I was wading through some pictures I took this summer and realized I didn’t blog about this wonderful barn we saw while driving along an Iowa road between Wapsi Valley school and Fredericksburg, Iowa.  We came along this….


Not just one quilt barn block but lots….that was one side of the barn and this is the other.


Hubby said…”Do you want to stop and take pictures?  That is blog worthy.”

He was right.  That was definitely blog worthy.  I loved it.  The barn was amazing….this quilt lover’s dream!!

I wish I just had one of those barn quilts.


12 thoughts on “Check out this..Barn Quilts Galore!!”

  1. Beautiful! Somebody likes to showcase quilts. There are quite a few barn quilts in NE Iowa aren’t there? Thanks for sharing!

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