Cheaper Medication for Me (and possibly you!)

This is a bit book review and a bit of a tip.  If you aren’t a book reader don’t just skip this post.  You might be glad you read on as I am sharing an awesome tip from the book at the end of the post!!

I just finished up listening to Clark Howard’s Living Large in Lean Times: 250+ Ways to Buy Smarter, Spend Smarter, and Save Money by Clark Howard.  Every so often I like to shake things up and read something completely different and this was my “different from my normal” book.

The book was filled with tips and suggestions for saving money.  I can’t say it was an earth shaking book but I did learn a few things….this one is my favorite.

One of the tips in the book was to find coupons for your medications.  Well I take Crestor and it’s an expensive drug.  Even with our insurance I pay $120 for the 3 month prescription.  YUCK.

One of the suggestions in the book was to type the name of your prescription medication along with the word coupon into a internet search.  For me I typed “Crestor Coupon” into a google search and WOW-there was a coupon.  Ya-hoo!!

Well Hubby went to the pharmacy with my coupon while I was home painting.  I was skeptical.  It sounded too good to be true….would they accept the coupon?  When he got home he had my meds and boy oh boy was I happy.  As I said before with our insurance my meds cost $120….with the coupon, we paid $54 instead for same 3 month subscription.  Ya-hoo!!!!

I also take the hormone replacement Premarin.  Lucky me-there was a coupon for that too.  I haven’t needed to refill the subscription so I am not sure what the savings on that will be.

There are other tips in the book that I’ll likely be trying…for now, this one is my favorite tip.  At some point I think I will investigate a few of the other tips in the book but for now, just the savings of my own subscription make the book worth my time.

If you want a quick over view of most of the tips and don’t want to take time listening and/or reading the book you can check out this link.

Amazon readers say 4.5 stars.  I’m not rating it.  If you like these types of books, it’s a good one….if you don’t, you don’t.


6 thoughts on “Cheaper Medication for Me (and possibly you!)”

  1. Try alldaychemist dot com. We get meds for my husband on this website most are the same as we get here. Savings big time. One of our doctors tested the meds. Same as we get here.

  2. Hi, Jo! You might try downloading the android app (I got mine from Amazon Appstore)
    GoodRx. It will show you the least expensive “local” pharmacy

  3. Great idea! I always do a google search when I’m shopping at a new site and try all of the coupon codes I can find. Sometimes they’re expired; sometimes they work. But I never thought of doing that with medications.

  4. Hello, Glad to hear about Clark Howard. I live in the Atlanta area and listen to Clark when I am in my car. He is one of my favorite people, a real tight-wad, but has a great radio program and he does lots of good things for children in need in Atlanta. My son is Howard Clarke, so why wouldn’t I like Clark Howard !!! You have inspired me to read his newer book. Enjoy your blog. Know you will be glad to get into that new house!!!!

  5. The app I use is Lowest(blue down arrow)Med. The price of my last Rx was half price.
    If my work for you if you can not find a coupon.

  6. I just googled hubby’s Pradaxa with the word coupons afterward per your suggestion. Came up with a coupon that makes his normally $60/ month Rx only $10. It showed Target (which we use) as one who was participating. Hubby was skeptical, but took printed out coupon and instruction for pharmacy with him today. They charged him $10!!!! They said that the coupon could only be used 12 times!!! That’s $600 you just saved us!!!! Thanks, Jo!!!

    And the book? I checked it out from our public library as an e-book so I didn’t even brave the cold and ice to get it OR pay the $13 price to buy it!!!

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