Chasing Wild Fires and a Call for QUILTS!!

A couple years ago, our son, Buck, went to school to be a fireman.  That’s about the time the government, states and cities went to no-hire, no expansion mode leaving few jobs for firemen to find.  On top of that, the college he went to did things a little backwards.  They told firemen that jobs were available it a graduate had a fire degree with a EMT certification.  Well…that isn’t exactly true either.  Most places want candidates to be a paramedic and a fire fighter degree….

So what’s a man to do?  In the meantime Buck has a good paying job, works outside, can set his own hours and for the most part, likes his job….but the firefighter in him still wants to fight a fire.  So he signed up to wild land fire fight.

Hubby and I didn’t think much of it thinking he’d change his mind or wouldn’t get called…but that’s not the case.

He just found out that within the week he will probably be sent to Colorado, either the High Park or the Little Sand fire.  After reading this news in makes me a little nervous.

He’s busy packing, preparing and purchasing while trying to work ahead at his job trying to not leave to much unfinished business.

Just as I got word from him, I got an email from Julie over at Having Fun Quilting.   She was showing pictures of the Wood Hollow fire in Utah that is really close to her home.  She is calling for quilters to jump into action and help furnish quilts, be it finished quilts, tops or batting and fabric donations to help now homeless families in her area.

Well my reply is sure we’ll help.  This is exactly the thing Kelli and I were hoping to do with Do Good Deeds quilts.

So if you will, say a couple prayers for my boy and for the families who are affected by these fires.  Then hop over to Julie’s blog and see the many ways you could help.

13 thoughts on “Chasing Wild Fires and a Call for QUILTS!!”

  1. prayers being sent for your son and friends. I’ve posted about the call for quilt and Julie probably doesn’t have any idea what she’s in for when quilters get the call, we respond :) If you hear about a place to send quilts in Colorado, let us know. My family lives in Parker, near Denver and can smell the smoke from all of the fires around there. Crazy stuff.

  2. Living VERY close to the High Park fire and having several friends who have lost homes and/ or been evacuated, we very much appreciate him coming. Marilyn, I will ask around up here about a place to send them and if there isn’t one then I will do something.

  3. prayers being sent up for Buck and those he is helping. I’ll take a look at Julie’s blog and see where I can help.

  4. I live very close to the High Park fire. We are very grateful to the men and women who are here fighting the fire. Tell your son thank you for his willingness to help, it is an extremely difficult job. I hope all goes well for him and he returns home safely.

  5. Michelle Hansen

    The fires here in Utah have been especially bad this year. I have posted on FB a picture of intense smoke up and over the mountain range from the back of my house, ya, thats from the 10 – Wood Hollow fire in UT. That is practically on the other side of those mountains. It has burned alot of homes/cabins and killed a lot of livestock. This is a sad one…..well they all are sad, but some more so than others. I will add your son in my prayers for his safety, also for calming hearts for your family.

  6. Dear Jo, as a native of Colorado it breaks my heart to see these fires in our state. As of last night there were 8 fires. My parents were evacuated from the High Park fire and have been with us for 3 weeks. They hopefully can return to their home tomorrow. They are very thankful to have a home. We know several people who lost homes. I cannot begin to thank our fire fighters enough for their hard work and bravery and now your son will help out too. Please give him a big hug from a grateful resident of Colorado.

  7. Thank you for posting about Operation Wood Hollow! We were evacuated yesterday and are just waiting to hear when we can go back home! Your son and all firefighters are in our prayers! As a volunteer EMT I work very closely with our firefighters. You can’t find better people than those who are willing to risk their life for others! Hugs!

  8. Adding you boy and all of those affected by these crazy fires to my prayer list…and that includes you because I know how hard it is to send them off like that. Wish we could funnel the floods in Florida to Colorado and other areas that are in desperate need to rain.

  9. Buck will definitely be in our prayers. Fire fighting can be dangerous work and it takes a selfless and courageous individual. We live in Southern California and are very familiar with the devastation of wild fires and are forever grateful to the men and women who work for the Fire Service.

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