Charity Sewing Anyone??

I am wondering if any readers out there might be interested in doing a little charity sewing??  I have four projects..some easy some a little harder.  If someone volunteers, I will sent the package to them that they picked.  They can sew the pieces to create a single sized bed quilt something like 60″ x 80″ sized.  You are welcome to donate it to the charity of your choice or you can send it back to me and I will machine quilt it, bind it and send it on to the next disaster that is collecting quilts.

First up, I have this…When I bought a scrap bag from Goodwill, this was in it.  It’s just a small center.  I have some other fabric that coordinates with it in the bag next to it.  There is no real pattern to it.  Someone could add some red if they want and this could become a quilt of valor.  There probably isn’t enough fabric in the bag to make the entire top.


Next up, my girls and I cut up this fabric to make jelly roll or 1600 quilts.  We cut the strips at 3 1/2″ so it will go together faster than one of those quilts.  We have two cut…you can volunteer for just one if you wish.  This is fabric from a new Moda fabric line.


The last pack of fabric I have is from another scrap bag that I got from Goodwill.  This on is filled with bright larger triangle that have a seam allowance pressed over.  These would need to be ironed and then cut triangles of a background fabric and sew half square triangles.  There are lots there so I think there would be enough to make a charity quilt with it.  Any takers??

I’m trying to clean out my sewing room and help charity causes.  Any chance any of you want to help out.  Just leave a comment here or send me an email at  If this is successful, I will try to put a few more projects together…together we can help lots of needy people.

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  1. jelly roll or 1600 quilts. iF not taken I would love to make one or both of these/
    We make quilts or the NICU. But I would make two larger size quilts.

  2. I found a 90W x 120L piece of red backing fabric at the thrift shop that will look nice with the triangles. I’d like to work with the triangles. If someone else wants to work with the triangles, I will still send you the red backing fabric.

  3. shoot! I was gonna say i’ll do the jelly roll quilts. I do sewing with my church group, and we make 60X80 quilts for the Mennonite Central Committee; the quilts get donated all over the world. if you have any others, I’d love to do them. (especially the jelly roll ones!) just let me know.

  4. It would probably be spring break in March before I get to it, but I have a whole tote of Americana fabrics. . .I would be happy to see what I could come up with for that one. Unless someone else can get to it faster. . .

  5. You have alot of takers, but if you need one more..the strips or the triangles…I could be able to use those… I am teaching my grand daughter to quilt and she loves it. She has a friend she talks about when she is here and the friend is apparently from a very poor family and my GD is always talking about how the little girl doesn’t have this and that. She told me last time that she had told the girl all about her Nanny (me) teaching her to sew and she made her own quilt and one for her doll and the friend thought that was the coolest thing ever to have a grandma cause she didn’t have one. If the friend classifies as a “charity”, I know my GD would love to make a quilt for her

  6. hi jo, what a wonderful thing to do! i have been learning to quilt for 2 years now. i have wanted to learn since i watched my grandma make them. finally,, due to a severe injury, i’m now disabled and have time on my hands. i started working with the quilts of valor program but i keep the quilts local and donate to our local vip house. they can house up to 13 homeless vets at a time, they can stay 2 years maximum, they can go to school or a trade school. they can get help with doing a resume and finding a job. it’s a great program. my husband and i cooked thanksgiving dinner for them this year and we had the best time. i would love to do one of your kits if they aren’t all spoken for, but if they are, then that’s fine too. i know quilters are a very giving bunch.

  7. I like the jelly rolls and the 1600 quilts, also. I would be interested in helping with the charity quilts, so anytime you have a project and need someone, just let me know. It really doesn’t matter what it is. Thanks for being so giving. It is fun to read the comments and just to be part of a group that is kind, compassionate, and willing to give.

  8. I think you have a wonderful idea – hopefully in the future I can take one on. Right now I am still learning so much that I would be afraid I might not get it finished and it looks like there are a lot of experienced gals who are able to jump right in. :-). But I like your idea and I will be watching. :-)


  9. hi jo
    i would be glad to take any of these or any other fabric, tops, blocks, scraps, etc that you want to part with. that is all i do is hand piecing, hand quilting and donate them to charity. i see a surgeon today about taking part of my colon out. that would give me something to do while i am laid up from the surgery. thank you for being so generous. barbara

  10. Hey Jo,
    I met you at quilt guild in Cresco last year, I am the area corrodinator for Binky Patrol, we make blankets & distribute to children in need of comfort, we keep all our donations local & have been doing this for about 4 years. I see these projects are spoken for, but if more come up or any of your followers are interested we would love to hear from them. We accept knitted, crocheted, tied, quilted & fleece blankets from baby to twin size. We also accept “scraps” as several local ladies create lovely blankets from these. Thanks, here’s my email

  11. Hi Jo! What a caring idea you do for Charity!! If you find any other quilts to be made or fabrics for quilts you come up with I would love to help out! Although I’d send them back to you to Machine Quilt and Bind lol I’ve been quilting for 8 years now but haven’t tried the Machine Quilting yet. I need to practice and feel VERY comfortable with my ability before trying on a quilt and messing up! Keep up the beautiful work!! <3

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