Charity Quilts the Ronda Edition

I was a little sad…I originally didn’t think I would have a post for today.  Typically Thursday morning is my day to talk about charity quilts.  Nothing had come in…and nothing had went out so there was nothing to talk about.  Then just as I started writing a different post, my email dinged and there was a message from Ronda with charity quilt finishes…Ah.  Wonderful.

Ronda finished two!  She humbly said it was no big deal as Judy in Virginia (thanks Judy) sent Ronda this finished quilt top and backing.  Ronda quilted it and bound it.  Isn’t is gorgeous??  Oh my it’s a beauty.  The quilt is 91 x 100.  Ronda said this one is going for a fund raiser for sure.  It’s bound to being in lots of money.

Ronda had another to share…this one she sent with an apology.  This one came to Ronda finished but just needed binding.  Ronda took it out of the box thinking this would be a quick and easy one to finish.  Well life happened, the quilt got set aside and by the time she got back to it the boxes of goodies had shuffled and the quilt was no longer draped over the box it came in.  So now, Ronda doesn’t know who to credit the quilt to.  She feels bad about it…I totally understand her woes.  This has happened to me a time or two as well.

So can you all help?  Who sent this cute little baby quilt to Ronda?It’s a panel quilt but oh so cute and is sure to be loved.

Please speak up, we’d love to credit you.  YAHOO WE FOUND THE QUILTER-Denise from Florida!!  Thanks Denise!!

Ronda did add another note.  You might that Ronda showed a couple quilts that she had made using goodies from all of you.  Well she donated a couple of the quilts to the Humane Society benefit and guess what?  The quilts she donated (that you blog readers donated too) brought in $800 for the benefit.  YAHOO!!  As Ronda said, that will buy a lot of dog food and comforts for the animals in need.  Isn’t that awesome?!?!

I am so impressed with the good and generous hearts of all here….it’s good to be in such great company.  My smile right now is as big as the smiles of the animals on that baby quilt!

5 thoughts on “Charity Quilts the Ronda Edition”

  1. My goodness that is a beautiful quilt! Can’t believe someone made that and then donated it to charity. I read a blog on facebook yesterday about a quilter’s family who brought boxes of fabric into an LQS to donate. She has passed and the recipient of the fabric entitled her blog, “leave quilts not fabric”. Yes, lets use it up.

  2. Love both quilts but the big quilt…oh my!! Would love to make that one. Any idea what pattern it was made from. It is gorgeous. Ronda does such good work.

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