Charity Quilts: Tanzania Gals

I got an email from Celesta and she had quilts to share.  YAHOO.  I love getting emails with charity quilts in them.

I was so surprised to hear that others of you are sending quilt tops directly to her.

Celesta writes:
Here are some more pictures of quilts going to Tanzania. The generosity of quilters is amazing! There is just

something about quilters that make them more giving than the general population, and they have been blessing our group!

These came from Kay in Forest City Iowa“.

This bright and cheerful quilt came from Dee in New Hampton IA“. (New Hampton is my neighboring town!!  Hi Dee)

This cutie came from “T” in Webster, MA“.

These 2 photos are of baby quilts sent by a the Northeast Presbyterian Quilters in Columbia, SC. They also included a large quilt top that we’re in the process of tackling“….

These are some of the tops sent by Brindy in Michigan, beautiful workmanship, and fabric choices“.
I’m trying to keep track of where they come from when I give them to our quilters,and I apologize if I’ve mislabeled or not given the right person credit. We truly appreciate your help, and also the help of so many talented generous quilters!”  (I totally understand how hard it is to keep track of who sent what.  I have the same problem)

We’re focusing on baby quilts and trying to get those finished, so that we can take all we have room for with our group going on the mission trip to Zinga. In years past, I’ve sent them with containers going to Zinga, filled with medical and other supplies donated and needed. We’re hoping we can take the majority of the baby quilts, the balance will be shipped in the next container.

There are 24 of us going from Peace Lutheran at the end of May. Some are medically trained folks, who will be working at the hospital and clinic. The rest of us will be helping with construction, painting, doing whatever needs to be done. Thanks again to you and everyone who is helping us with quilts, both the larger ones for use at the hospital and the baby quilts, to give to new mothers leaving the hospital with their newborns.”

If you have baby sized quilt tops that are looking for a home, Celesta and her group will happily accept them.  You can read THIS BLOG POST to find out contact information.  I’m so impressed by all of you and the Tanzania gals.  How wonderful to know there are so many wanting to help those in need.

8 thoughts on “Charity Quilts: Tanzania Gals”

  1. Good morning, Jo,
    What a nice surprise to see the quilt on your blog this morning. God Bless You and all of the lives you touch. Happy day to you.

  2. Hi Jo! Could you -lease share again the contact info for Celesta’s Tanzania group? The link “THIS BLOG POST” doesn’t work.
    Thank you!

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