Charity Quilts: Ronda Strikes Again

Ever since Ronda got her machine up and running again, she’s been oh-so busy cranking out charity quilts.  I love it!!

Ronda recently sent me pictures and a note telling about her latest creations…

Ronda writes:  “I have a few fundraisers coming up ~ the first one is one that my 83 year old neighbor rounds up donations for.  Last year I donated two lap quilts and a set of four placemats and napkins that matched.  Those things alone brought in over $1200.00 to help send disadvantaged kids to summer camp.  She has already asked me to donate some quilts for this year.  I have a couple that I have made in the last year and have already shown you to give to her.  Next up will be the annual Humane Society Quilt Auction and I plan to donate the baby quilt with the alphabet fabric and the red and yellow strips. The fabric and pattern were sent to me all cut out, but not sewn , from Judy Manuel of Virginia.  (She also sent me another pattern and fabric that I am working on to use for the annual FOP fundraiser.)

The next quilt is so cool…check it out….
Mary Ann Klimesh of Ohio sent me the evergreen tree blocks which were all made by different women ~ they are signed and dated 1996 in the seam allowance on the backs of the blocks!  I added sashing and cornerstones from my stash.  I used fabric from Ila for the backing and binding.”

How many of you are holding on to blocks you got in a lottery or block exchange….I know it happens.  Isn’t is it great to see what they can become?

Mary Ann also sent the blocks for the third quilt along with some extra fabric that I used for a border.  I pieced a back from my stash.”

Ronda is sending these along to the women’s shelter.  May they get much use and warmth from these….thanks so much to all who have been sending goodies on to Ronda.  It’s so awesome to see how you are supporting Ronda and the others who are doing such amazing charity work!

3 thoughts on “Charity Quilts: Ronda Strikes Again”

  1. Yes I am holding on to several sets of swap blocks…… and this post with the names in the seam allowances !!! just solved the main problem…. I did not want to just sew the blocks and loose the name attached….. I know most of the gals.

  2. Those are some beautiful looking quilts. Thanks to all that contributed to making them. It makes me proud to be a quilter, bringing warmth, beauty and love to those around us.

  3. These quilts are wonderful. I have probably, well I don’t know. Lets just say lots of blocks. A lot of them are orphans just one or two, but they could become a big happy family. I need to get to work. We all need a little kick in the rear once in a while and these great quilts worked for me. Thanks!

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