Charity Quilts: Practicing with New Toys

I love working on charity quilts for so many reasons.  I like helping others who want to clean up UFO quilt tops.  I like helping people who are disaster victims.  I like helping people who are organizing relief.  BUT…I’ll admit.  I like machine quilting on my long arm and I like practicing on quilts  I always figure that someone who is truly in need doesn’t mind if I experiment with a different batting-or thread-or new quilting design.  The quilts are still fine when I am done with them but definitely not show quilts.

My newest toy that I am experimenting with is a little template to make a clam shell (and other) designs.


I have to put my base plate on the machine when I use the tool.  Then I just position it which is easy to do and run the machine along the arch.  It has taken a bit of practice to hole the template in place yet not hold it down too hard so that the machine can still move.


Then I just reposition the template and go over the arch again.  It isn’t hard but of course harder than a simple stipple.


It wasn’t the ideal design for this quilt but it’s allowed me to practice and I am sure the recipient will be happy with it.  If I can get this bound in time, this quilt is heading out to an elderly shut in the area.

Although it’s wonderful to help out others, sometimes it’s nice to know a charity quilt is staying here close to home.

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2 thoughts on “Charity Quilts: Practicing with New Toys”

  1. Kudo’s to you for learning to use the longarm templates/rulers. I was wondering how long before I would see a post where you had used them. I love them and have a large assortment of shapes and sizes and use them often.

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