Charity Quilts: Marlene Edition…

Marlene has been great for me.  She has done some amazing work.  Shortly after she gifted me a manual for my Franklin teadle and gifted me some bobbins, she offered to do some machine quilting.

I took her up on the offer.  A the last minute I threw in a quilt top that was very long and narrow.  I thought it should be seam ripped open and make into two baby quilts.  Marlene had a MUCH better idea.  She took the entire thing apart and pieced it together like this on point.  WOW.  This is so amazing.  I wish had a picture of the original.  You would be shocked!!

Here’s the pieced backing….

This quilt was my longest charity here.  I didn’t feel comfortable quilting it when it was so long and narrow.  It didn’t seem a usable size.  This happens.  People start making a quilt and then lose their gusto and it sits.  Then one day they send it on.  Isn’t it wonderful that these put in the right hands can flourish.

I’m sad that I don’t have the makers name.  I got this one so long ago before I realized that each top has to be tagged when it comes in.  I’ve learned my lesson.  If this is your quilt, please leave a comment.  We want to credit you.

Here Marlene was sewing the binding on the next featured quilt with her treadle.  She’s better at treadling than I am.  I need more practice before I try to tackle that!!

Here is the quilt finished!  Look at that texture.

What a nice quilt.
About this quilt Marlene writes, “Laura Hervey from Dallas TX. It is quilted with the panto Dusty Miller, it turn out so pretty I’m thinking it would be a good quilt for a fund raiser so I will on the look out for a good charity.”

I totally agree!!

About the next quilt Marlene writes, “The next one is from Vickie Ham from Co. I used the panto Time Warp. I like the texture. I just bought this panto and have used it a lot- very fun to do. I used a piece of fabric from my stash that I bought thinking it would be a good binding, I don’t do a lot of bright colored quilts so I thought it would be perfect for this beautiful quilt that will go to the VA.”

Here’s a peek at the backing.  This backing was donated by a blog reader…THANKS!

“The next one is from Majone from Fountain City WI, I quilted this one with a free panto from Urban Elementz called Rain Drops.”

The backing was a thrift store find.  I’m glad it found a home.

The last one is from Carol Putnam from Bozeman MT.  I used Time Warp on this one also, my son said he would have loved this quilt when he was little”.  It’s all card and roads….so cute.

It’s awesome for a boy quilt!

Thanks so much Marlene and quilt top makers.  It’s awesome to see what the help of many hands can do!  Can you believe that Marlene wrote at the closing of her note, “Thanks for the opportunity to help!” 
Wow…thank you!

It’s so awesome to see these all finished.  If there are any other longarmers out there that want to “frost” a few quilt tops, let me know.  I only have two left here now.  Can you believe I’ve worked through the stacks?  But some are always coming in.  My shoulder continues to be a bit of a problem…I go back to the specialist on July 25th.  But shoulder or not, I’m not giving up the charity quilt project even if means I act like more of a coordinator than a do-er.

5 thoughts on “Charity Quilts: Marlene Edition…”

  1. Charity quilts are a good way to work on your habit and then give it away. I do a lot for my local guild but some of it might come your way. Just finished a larger top but I might try and quilt it myself. The trouble with me, I can’t just do an overall quilting design. I have to listen to the quilt to tell me what to do and then each block has something for that block. Takes longer that way.

  2. Colleen pflieger

    I love each of these. Just amazing. My group donates to our home for girls coming out of jail. They get the help they need and we get the sewing time we need!

  3. These are wonderful quilts. And thanks to all that donate their time and talent for others. Thanks for sharing.

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