Charity Quilts Go International!

How fun is this…
Last September I got a note from Pat in Greece.  It said:
I’m a loyal reader in Athens Greece.  As I’ll be in Chicago and Cincinnati visiting family and friends early Oct, I thought I’d send a request.  We’re a group of about 8 quilters of various nationalities who have been making charity quilts mostly for children since 2013.  We’re now doing 45 for abandoned babies-5yrs.  I’d be happy with the flannels or anything else child oriented, ‘happy’…….I’ve been here for going on 40 years and in the old days before airlines and post office changed their rules, I could bring fabric, sheeting I found at Good Will etc, but now my lone suitcase has to hold everything.”

Well that prompted me to send a bag of fabric to Pat.  I didn’t send a lot as I figured she’d likely be trying to stuff this all into a suitcase and that the suitcase would have to meet the weight requirements.  Pat got the package and that’s the last I heard from her until this…

We received your generous bag stuffed with scraps and these are among the 45 quilts we just donated to a home for abandoned babies 0-5 yrs here in Athens. Know that your  generosity is helping halfway around the world!”

WONDERFUL!!  She included pictures.

I never imagined we’d help kids in other countries.  How wonderful.

I can’t imagine abandoning a baby.  I am sure these little quilts are a great comfort to the kids.

I think this one is my favorite….

Something to lay on to make a cozy clean bed is perfect.  I love the bright colorful prints!!

Thank so much to Pat and her crew in Greece.  What a comfort you are bringing to children in need.

If there are other readers here from Greece and would like to help out Patwork Greece please get ahold of me and I will get you in touch with Pat.  They could use more donations!!


4 thoughts on “Charity Quilts Go International!”

  1. How wonderful that you were able to make the connection and that Pat was able to help those dear babies. I think quilters are some of the most generous folks that I know.

  2. The guild I belong to in Phoenix is now donating to Quilts Without Borders. Quilts go to those who need help here in the US and worldwide.

  3. Just wonderful ! Your generosity has helped those Greek ladies make some lovely baby/small child Quilts. Aren’t they lovely? I particularly like the last two: inventive way with wedge shaped scraps and I love the QAYG quilt ( I love making those sort of strippy QAG blocks)

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