Charity Quilts Galore

Over the past couple weeks I’ve had a flood of charity quilts come in.  That makes me really happy but also is a little reminder that I better keep moving working on them.

Three different boxes have arrived.  Before that, I was getting a little low on quilts.  Now there are 11 new ones here plus the ones I still had here to do.

This box came from Joanne R….It’s wonderful flannel baby quilts.  They should work up quick.


This box is from Linda R.  These are full sized quilts.  They are always needed especially for disaster relief.


The last box came on Thursday.  There are five in this box.  All are beautifully printed large lap quilts…or single bed quilts.  Marge was kind enough this shipment.


I have a charity quilt that is on the frame now so once that one is done I have lots more to tackle.

Thanks so much for sending these gals.  I can’t wait to start working one them.

P.S.  I’ve had people offer to bind quilts for me and at some point I might have to take someone up on the offer.  I just hate to pay to ship them to someone.  Is anyone close that might be willing to stop by and pick up several to bind?  Email me if you’re interested.

1 thought on “Charity Quilts Galore”

  1. Brenda Ackerman

    It is so wonderful that these quilters donated their quilts! I would help in a heart beat, even though bindings are not my strongest skill, if we were closer. I am in southern Oregon. Have fun quilting all of these warm and cuddly quilts and then donating them to charities! AWESOME WAY TO GO! Just finding out that you take in quilts to quilt for charity, after I finish the quilt I am cutting out now, I will have to sew together some quilts for you! Thanks for everything you are doing! Have a great day!

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