Charity Quilts from the Cresco Ladies

Remember the Creso ladies who make so many quilt tops??  Well even though Sandra told me it might be spring before they made my more tops, she surprised me and made a lot!  Sandra said her granddaughter had a hand in a couple of these.  How fun!!  Teaching kids early to be generous with their time and talent is so important.

I contacted Sandra a bit ago and told her I had fabric here.  I told her there was no hurry but if she came this way, she could pick it up.  The weather was “icky” and a week or so went by before we could hook up.

Look at all the quilt tops she brought.  Some are backing but much of it is tops.  I think I counted 37 but don’t hold me to that.

As I counted I flipped a few open to get a peek.  Here are some of my favorites….This one is made from Anne of Green Gables fabrics…it’s so cute.
This one reminds me of picnicking, doesn’t it??
Here’s one with Dr. Seuss fabric.  I’m sure it will be loved.  

The ladies use whatever fabric that comes there was via donations.  I’m always surprised at what they can do.

Sandra said, “I was so happy Elane, a blog reader, could use/reformat quilts we had sent to me. It’s wonderful that the “scraps” and quilt tops we put together can be made for others.”

If you have fabric …and especially batting scraps, Sandy’s group can use them.  They sew them together all of the time.  She said last year that they used so much and are out.  If you have anything that Sandy’s group might be able to use, here is their contact info:

Sandy Wright Moore
505 7th Ave E
Cresco, Iowa. 52136

Thanks so much to all who help!

I’ve contacted my usual gals who snap these quilts up.  All of them have plenty right now.  That means I am looking for a charity quilting group who is interested in finishing them.  A few have gone to a new group in California but I still have at least 30 here.  These are different sized.  Many are 48 x 54-ish sized.  I’ll happily ship them out to your group…Please contact me if your group could use some.

2 thoughts on “Charity Quilts from the Cresco Ladies”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Lovely quilts and wonderful ladies. I’ll check the local churches around here and see if any of them can use the quilts. I don’t belong to a group. Or I would offer to take some.

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