Charity Quilts From Sandra

YAHOO!!  I have charity quilts to share.  Few blog things make me happier than when I have a charity quilt to share.

These are from Sandra and her group of quilters.  If you’re a regular blog reader you know that I often take donated fabric to a group of quilting ladies south of me in the Oelwein/Hazelton area.  Well the ladies have been busy.  They do many more quilts than the few I am showing today.  These just happen to be quilts that were made from items donated from blog readers!

Sandra writes:
Attached are 4 pictures of 2 quilts.  These quilts are made from orphan blocks which you and other have sent here plus more made from donated fabric to finish the quilt top.  Sorry the pictures are not better.  These are both finished by my church quilters.  You will note that they are tied.  We do not have any charity machine quilters so we tie.  Just wanted you to see some of what we’ve done with the donations.  Don’t know for sure where these will be donated.   We will be giving 10 or more quilts to our Winterize Your Neighbor project which will be held in early November.  All will be made from donated fabric.  We are all grateful for the donations.”

I saw this one at Sandra’s house when it was just a top. The colors on it are great.  Sandra did a great job putting it together.  It’s amazing what a few flying geese can do for a quilt.

I always chuckle when people apologize for tying quilts.  Oh my.  I did that for years.  I didn’t have money to have them machine quilted…A tied quilt is a special comfort.  There is an entirely different feel to them and I for one, think it’s a good feel.

Here’s a close up…

I love the second quilt too…don’t you?

What an awesome way to use up a bunch of gray fabrics.  It looks unified even though the fabrics are different.  These charity quilts ALWAYS make me smile.  They look happy.

Sandra and the gals did an excellent job of creating some “something from nothing” quilts that will be keeping the folks from the Oelwein area warm and cozy.

Another note about Sandra’s church.  The church is kitty-corner from LouAnn’s quilt shop where we had our retreat.  When we were there, one day we saw LONG lines of people waiting for a long time. It looked like some families with kids.  Many waited in line for over an hour.  We wondered and wondered what they were doing.  Later, I met with Sandra and gave her some charity fabric.  I asked her about the line and the families waiting in it.  I found out if was a line of kids waiting to get school supplies.  Sandra is said it is a very popular and needed program of their church.  If this is near and dear to anyone, I’m sure you can contact Sandra about donations their group might need to help others in their community.

So often I think we all wish we had the time to do more…help more, etc but simply have a struggle to make the time.  The good thing is, there are always people who are doing the work and an awesome way to help the help is by donating monetarily.  I find myself needing to do that more and more often.  I don’t have the time I used to have.

If you check out our page that tells about the places that are looking for fabric donations, Sandra’s group is #8 on list.

4 thoughts on “Charity Quilts From Sandra”

  1. I often see unopened filler paper and sometimes other supplies when I am out thrifting. Since the school supplies sales are over, I think I will keep on the look out for those items, now. Their quilts turned out very nice, I like both designs.

  2. Those are two lovely quilts and any one would be lucky to have one of these quilts. These quilts give me ideas on how to use my scraps/stash. Thanks for sharing and inspiring, Jo.

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