Charity Quilts from Ronda

You might remember Ronda the charity quilter…well with reader help, she’s been at it again finishing up some awesome charity quilt.

The email from Ronda says, “Hi Jo,  I have four finishes to share with you this time!  The first three were sent to me from Cynthia Emerson in Ohio.  All they needed was the binding attached and sewn down and she included the binding with the quilts ~ already made!  I prefer the look of hand sewn binding, so just attached it by machine and then hand hemmed them.  The fourth quilt is one I made using scraps you forwarded on to me.  I provided the background squares, batting, backing, and binding…..

Wow…How impressive that Cynthia would have all of these quilts so close to a finish yet pass them along for charity.  How sweet of you Cynthia!!!  The pops of dark colors on this one sure is fun. (I apologize that the photos aren’t larger.  It was my intention to get them bigger but the email they were in won’t allow me too.  That’s okay.  I’m sure you are getting an idea on how good these are all looking.


Here’s a very traditional looking one!


WOW, check out this pretty off center log cabin.  Nothing says comfort more to me than a log cabin quilt.

Ronda-12 (2)
This is the final one from Ronda.  I had sent here some left overs….here’s the great quilt that she made from them.

I look at that and am amazed she could do this with some leftovers!!

Ronda continues, “…These four quilts are going to a family with two kids who lost their home and everything they owned, including their dog and cat, in a fire. ”  That is a great place for these all to go to.

You might remember our charity quilt donation page.  Readers are encouraged to sent their scraps, fabric, and unwanted projects on to someone who is will to finish them and donate the finished quilt to a worthy charity.  You can see the donation page here.  Readers wanting to donate can find the best place for their donations there.  We have added a couple new people/organizations that are looking for goodies.

Thanks so much to Ronda and Cynthia.  This is so awesome that you were about to help this family.

6 thoughts on “Charity Quilts from Ronda”

  1. Hey Jo
    Thought I would ask about your upcoming trunk show that’s part of the retreat open to the community haven’t heard anything lately and wondered how it was going a curious reader.

  2. Each quilt so different, but all of them beautiful. How nice for tat family to have some beautiful things in their life at this bleak time.

  3. Lorraine Bujnowski

    Wow! I love those scrappy quilts. Kudos to Rhonda for putting those quilts together for that needy family.

  4. Cynthia, Rhonda, and Jo – a great cooperative venture. I love the bright yellow of the first quilt. Since I make a lot of log cabins, I am going to have to try the off-center arrangement of blocks. It’s kind of a combination of barn raising and field and furrows.

  5. Cheryl in Dallas

    Wow! Cynthia did a WONDERFUL job of making those three quilts. Each one is lovely. Ronda is the finisher extraordinaire! Fabulous arrangement on that fourth quilt. I’m copying that one down so I can replicate the pattern for a charity quilt.

    Cynthia and Ronda both did great jobs in producing these beautiful quilts. Thanks, Jo, for being the middle-man and sending these quilts to the people who can complete them. A great contribution to a family in need. Thank-you, thank-you to all three quilters.

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