Charity Quilts from Ronda and Friends

Ronda has been busy again.  With the help of blog readers and Ronda’s talents so many people and organizations are being helped.

Ronda writes:
I have a few more charity quilts for you today.  The first one with the green zig zags is a top sent to me from Debbie S. in New York.”

She completed the top and sent along backing as well.  I did the pantograph Flower Child on this one.”
The next one also came from Debbie as a completed top.  The backing for this one came from Karen S. in Chino, California.”

” The first one will go to the Fathers with Children Shelter as it is a bit larger and will fit nicely on the cots they sleep on.  The second one, I will take to the Ronald McDonald House.”

The last quilt is a large queen sized quilt.  The completed top was sent to me from Linda in Tucson, Arizona.”

She also sent the pattern, which is called “Stars of Provence”, along with the backing fabric and also the binding.”

I will save this one for an upcoming fundraiser in the spring that helps send disadvantaged kids to summer camp.”

WOW….what a bunch of wonderful quilts that are heading out of Ronda’s house and onto great charitable groups.  Ronda’s work always amazes me as do the donations that you blog readers send her.  THANKS all.  You rock!!


4 thoughts on “Charity Quilts from Ronda and Friends”

  1. I like all those quilts. I kept a picture of them so I could make them, or at least put on my to-do list. Beautiful job ladies. Thanks for sharing.

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