Charity Quilts from Ronda

Ronda is at it again…All busy getting charity quilts finished up.  She had some help from some amazing blog readers.

Ronda writes;
I have three quilts ready for donation.  The first one is from Debbie S. in NY.  She made the top using cute farm themed fabric and used some leftover blocks on the back.  The pantograph I used kind of reminded me of hay bales I’ve seen laying in the fields.”

Oh my.  CUTE prints.  I love all things farm so especially love this one.

The backing looks great too.  These are my favorite kinds of backings.  They seem like an extension of the front.

Ronda writes:
“The second quilt top came from Lori M. of Titusville, FL.  I bought the backing fabric at an end of the bolt sale at my LQS last year.  I knew it would come in handy ‘someday’. 
Oh..that backing is PERFECT Ronda!!
..Another fun quilt!!

Ronda writes”
The last quilt is from Jean D. of Seguin, TX.  She made the top from recycled men’s dress shirts.  It is so soft and scrunchy!”…..

“She also sent the cute polkadot backing.”

“All three of these quilts will go to the Ronald McDonald House.”

WOW…I love all of the quilts!

Ronda writes:
“When I opened the box of quilt tops from Jean, inside was a nice note and this cute stitched girl for me.  I have her hanging over my big board ironing board and see her every time I do some pressing.  I just love her!  I have done my share of embroidery over the years and I know how much time goes into stitching every stitch just so and she is so stinking cute!”

Ronda also shared an awesome gift she received from her son.  He made these quilt blocks from wood.  I love them.

She said her son is very handy with tools and wood making her a night stand.  WAY pretty…RIGHT??

Isn’t it awesome when you have family that supports your quilting?  You’re one blessed girl Ronda and you spread blessing on to others as well.

Thanks to all who donated tops. Three kids and families at the Ronald McDonald house are going to be blessed with your wonderful donations.

6 thoughts on “Charity Quilts from Ronda”

  1. All the quilts are really cute! Love the stitched girl and the wooden quilt blocks! I bet her son could make and sell those!

  2. Nice work from all involved. I like to see all these quilts, they give me ideas for the future quilt making. Thanks all for sharing your talents.

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