Charity Quilts from Ronda

Can you believe it?  Ronda is at it again.  She’s finishing up more partially done projects that have been sent to her.

Ronda writes:

This is fabric that came to me from you in the first box you sent.  It had the name of Jennifer Price from Newark, Delaware on it.  She had cut most of the fabric into five inch squares and had sewn a white sashing strip to two adjoining sides of quite a few of those squares.  I did the same to enough of the rest of the squares to make a good sized throw.  With the remaining fabric, I added gray as a background and made the X blocks for another nice sized throw.  After adding the backing, batting, and binding ~ all the “B” things ~ I quilted and bound them.  They will most likely go to the Women and Children’s Shelter on our next trip, along with several other quilts that my friend and I have made for them.  If a fundraiser or some other special need comes up before we go to the Shelter, I will pick these two for that instead.”

Check out Ronda’s work….Quilt Number One….Don’t you love the colors?  I never think about gray as a color…but this sure makes me rethink that!


This fabric was sent to me but I didn’t think I would get to it so I passed it on to Ronda knowing that she completes projects and does a beautiful job with them too.  Isn’t it great to give something when you know it’s going to be used?

…and here is quilt number 2!I love it!!  I’ve made a similar quilt with charm square back when I did all the Miss Rosie Schnibble patterns.  I miss doing them.  It was always great as I made them just a little bigger so they could be baby quilts.  I miss having them on hand to give away.


If you have projects in your sewing space that you know you will never get to, why not pass them on to someone who will finish them and send them on to a charitable organization?  We have a listing of fifteen places looking for donations including Ronda who is the person that finished these two projects.  You can find that listing here.

Thanks so much Jennifer and Ronda for being part of our charity team.  You guys did great work!!

5 thoughts on “Charity Quilts from Ronda”

  1. Both quilts are stunning! It amazes me how someone can take someone else’s unfinished project and finish it!!! Great job ladies!!! I have 5 yards of gray fabric that I got really cheap at an estate sale. I am going to get it out and make something with it! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  2. Both quilts turned out lovely. I love how quilters come together to reach out to someone in need with something used for warmth and love. Beautiful blog this morning, thank you for sharing the story Jo.

  3. Two super quilts. Love both of them but the second one really appeals with its cross blocks and piano keys borders. Great colour combination.

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