Charity Quilts from Jody and Judy

I told you two weeks ago that my niece Jody had finished one of the quilt kits a blog reader sent to me so that she could donate it to a benefit to help a lady in her area who is dealing with a rare cancer.  The lady has to fly to Texas every 6 weeks or so for a treatment.  It’s a tough story to hear and I can’t imagine what the family is going through to make it all happen.

Jody along with some other friends put together a benefit to help her and her family.  Jody decided to tackle on of the quilt kits a blog reader had sent to me and donate it to the benefit.  She asked me to quilt it and I did.  I sent it back to Jody and she got it bound in time for the benefit.


I think it turned out great!!!


My sister Judy took another of the donated quilt kits and she sewed it up for the benefit as well.  Here’s the kit she did…

It’s a great Thanksgiving quilt.  As she was making it, Judy fell in love with it.  Sadly she put it on the benefit and unknown to her husband bought it for her.  How fun!!

Thanks so much to the blog reader who sent the kits….thanks to Jody and Judy for bringing the quilts to life and passing them along to help a family in need.


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  1. At our last quilt show, the charity raffle quilt was won by the husband of one of our raffle quilt coordinators. She had recently completed treatment for breast cancer. Oh, and she and her co-coordinator won favorite quilt (as voted by attendees) at the same show. The two of them are in Paducah this weekend with the latter quilt as first-time entrants! That’s one thing on the bucket list checked off!

  2. That quilt Jody made is BEAUTIFUL. Where would I be able to find the quilt kit? I would like to make for my mom as an early Christmas present. – Fara

  3. Do you know (or can you find out) the name of the pattern of the first quilt shown? I looked and looked for a pattern for this block and have never found one! The quilt is beautiful.

  4. the name of the quilt is Cottage Cozy. It is in the Very Merry Quilt book by This and That. I think you can still get the booklet.
    good luck, Barb K.

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