Charity Quilts from Connie

When things got a little hectic here at the end of July and I knew I was going to be having surgery I had scrambled around trying to get things situated the best I could before I was out of commission for a bit.

That meant checking emails but butting them in a folder for follow up once I saw that they weren’t urgent.  That’s where a lot of the charity quilt pictures and notes got put.  Now I’ve been taking time to go through them all.  It’s been a joy going through that email folder, seeing the quilts and writing blog posts about the great work that has put into them.

Today’s quilts were quilted by Connie in Burlington, IA.  Connie then donated them to be used in a fund raising event helping Great River Hospice.  It makes me so happy to see that a worthy cause is being supported.  Two of my girls have worked as nurses helping the elderly.  I’ve also watched Hubby’s mom and my Dad both go through end of life.  Hospice is so important for both the patient and the families.

This one was lap sized….The color combo is great!



This next one was larger.  It is a scrappy beauty.  Kelli saw this one and wanted a pattern for it but sadly I don’t know the name of the pattern.



The quilts were made by Dori J in Everett, WA and one from Diane J.  Thanks girls for your awesome work.  A great hospice organization was helped because of your generosity…thanks also go out to Connie for doing the binding.

5 thoughts on “Charity Quilts from Connie”

  1. Why would you need a pattern for that last quilt? It’s just 4-patches and strip-pieced sections cut to the right width & length for sashings. Figuring the size of the setting triangles wouldn’t be that hard. The whole thing is just one of those seat-of-the-pants projects. :)

  2. The charity quilt from Dori J, looks like a missouri star pattern called Crosswalk. You can purchase this pattern from MSQ or it’s on U-tube..

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