Charity Quilts from Connie

I got a lovely email from Connie Siefken who was working on binding some charity baby quilts.
She writes:  “It’s been a long time coming, but I finally have the baby quilts finished and photographed. I will be delivering them to Birthright of Burlington in the next few days. I’ve enjoyed working on them. I’ve been doing more cross stitching than quilting this summer, but I’ll go back to the quilting once the weather turns a little cooler. Both quilts were pieced by Maryanne Comly from Perkasie, PA.”

Here are the quilts.

Maryanne picked such fun color combo for these quilts with cute easy but interesting patterns.  They are perfect baby quilts!  It appears that she has a couple helpers to hold the quilts. quilt

Here’s a second view of the quilt. quilt.1 (002)

I remember working on these quilts.  They were such fun quilts to work with!

Here’s the second quilt.Again another quilt with a great fabric combo and something most anyone would really to have.  Those are the best charity quilts I think.


Here’s the view showing off the back of this one.  I had ALMOST enough Winnie the Pooh fabric for the backing but had to all just a little bit more.


Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a good backing.  I really don’t make a lot of bright colored quilts for myself so I don’t always keep a lot of that type of fabric in stock.  Sometimes I have to work with what I have.  This was one of those cases.

I laugh a bit when volunteer binders apologize for not getting to the quilts immediately.  That’s entirely okay.  The quilts happen one step at a time.  Sometimes they are at the original quilter’s home for years…sometimes at mine for months.  There is no hurry ever.  Sadly there will always be a need and place for charity quilts to go.

Thanks so much Connie and Maryanne.  Great teamwork girls!!!

3 thoughts on “Charity Quilts from Connie”

  1. Great quilts – I love the bright fabrics. The pattern would also look great with grey instead of the white – easier to keep clean. I am particularly envious of the wooden library catalog that I see in the background of the pictures. As a librarian, I am looking for one to hold sewing supplies or fat quarters.

  2. Hi All,
    Those are great quilts and I really like the second one. Any chance Maryanne would share the names of the patterns? I just happen to have 2 charities coming up that need small quilts and both of those would work wonderfully.
    Debbie in Alaska

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