Charity Quilts for Lyons Colorado

Friday after showing the most recent charity quilt I had been working on and asking that readers let me know if there was a need,  I got a note from Phyllis.  She is a part of Interfaith Quilters.   She writes, “Would you be willing to send some charity quilts to me and I will take them to Lyons, CO which was pretty much cut in half by the flood.  About half of the town is gone and they are slowly getting water, sewer, power repaired and turned back on.  It is getting cold here with lows in the 30’s so we would like to provide warmth.”

Well yes I can, and yes I will.  I have one bed size quilt done and three that need binding so I am going to stop everything-once my deadline and baby quilt is finished- and get them bound and hopefully one more quilted.

When I first heard Phyllis’ request I quickly threw a quilt on the machine that was sent to me by a blog reader to machine quilt and pass on to a charity.  This sounds like a great charity.


I love quilting these for others because it gives me a chance to practice machine quilting-it gives readers a chance to clean out some UFO’s and it helps others who receive the quilts.


Do you have any  bed sized quilts that you could donate to the people of Lyons?  Phyllis said that their group had recently sent quilts out to other disasters..let’s help them Lyons now.  If you have a finished bed sized quilt, send me an email and I will pass along Phyllis’ address to you and you can send it there.  They have already done one distribution now they are hoping to get another bunch of quilts together to pass out as it gets closer to Thanksgiving.

Let’s try to help.  Send me an email at and I’ll pass along Phyllis’ address to you.

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  1. Jo, it looks BEAUTIFUL! i love the quilting that you’ve come up with and am so happy that the quilt will find a home.
    I’ve got some quilts that i can send to CO, including one Fall quilt with a pumpkin-colored border that will be perfect. I’ll dig thru the rest of my finished quilts and see how many more i can send along, but i’m sure i will find some more. will send you an e-mail for the address and get them out early next week.
    thanks again for doing the research on this.

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