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I recently got a note from Paulette in New York.  She writes:  “Jo, I am so sorry for the delay in getting you the pictures of the two quilts that I did bind for you. I still have the other quilt tops, with summer in full swing I haven’t had a chance to get to those yet but I will. The quilt top you sent me with the blue hearts on it had no name attached to it, the other quilt said that it was made by Claire from Davenport Iowa. As you can see I bound both quilts and they are going to be given to an organization here in Western New York called C.H.O.I.C.E.S which is an Outreach for women to help them not choose abortion. I feel so blessed to be able to help you with these. I will finish the other ones soon. It will be anxious to accept more when you have them.”

Want to see the quilts?  The blue one with hearts is the first one.  Paulette said there was no name on it.  Hmmm.  It could have been made by a blog reader but I also remember that I bought a quilt top at the thrift store and quilted it for charity.  Darn.  Why didn’t I label it if it was from the thrift store?  It sure would have helped my wondering now.

I did a swirl that I always do on this quilt.  It’s quick and easy.  I’ve done it so many time I can do it in my sleep.

The backing is a sheet from the thrift store.  I often use sheets on the back of charity quilts.  I know many who put any old miss-matched thing on the back but I do like the back to match the front.  These blues didn’t match perfectly but still looked good.

The binding fabric that Paulette used was donated by a blog reader.

If by chance one of you reading this made this quilt top PLEASE leave a comment and let us know.  I am pretty sure this one was the one I got at the thrift store but I worked on these back in March and my memory only last about 5 minutes ago.

Here’s charity quilt #2:This is the one done by Claire in Davenport.  The colors on this are great together.  I’ve always loved pinks and greens together.

The backing is a light green.  If I remember it does match a little better when seen in person.

I sent along a green binding as I didn’t have any pink that matched…besides, my daughter Kalissa always says the binding should match the darkest color of the quilt and I’ve come to agree with her.

I used the same quilting motif on this quilt as I did the above quilt.

Thanks so much for working on these Paulette and Claire.  Your hard work is going to bless some important people.  I love being part of such a giving group.

Thanks so much for all of the offers to bind quilts.  I only have two here now to quilt and I already have a volunteer lined up for them.  After that, I’m out of quilt tops.  I don’t have a lot of time now but I’m sure as fall rolls around, there will be more time for me to work on quilts again should some be donated.

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  1. I really admire those who are willing to finish all those projects that come your way. It fun to see them done and to read the wonderful stories of the organizations that get them. Many hands make light work.

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