Charity Quilts: Marlene’s Work

A bit ago I got an email from Marlene.  She’s a blog reader who is retired and has what she said is an old Gammill long arm quilting machine.  She wrote offering to do some charity quilting.  She said she didn’t have a lot of extra funds to pay for any supplies but she had helping hands.  YAHOO!  That’s what we need!

We’ve had people step up and be generous with monetary donations for postage, batting and thread but what we haven’t had as much of is hands.  Bless you for offering your hands Marlene!!

I assured Marlene, just as I assure all of the binders….getting the quilts finished in a hurry is not necessary.  I don’t want anyone feeling rushed or over whelmed by volunteering.  Most of these quilt tops have been in a closet for some time so speed is not necessary…and there will always be someone in need of a quilt.

Here’s what I learned from Marlene:
The sampler quilts were both made by Sharon in Hatfield, Arkansas.  I imagine there are others of you who have block of the month sampler quilts that are in your UFO pile.  Sharon was so thoughtful and donated hers.

This was a panto called Dusty Miller that Marlene used.  I love it!!

The pink, yellow and red sampler quilt also made by Sharon, got some custom work done on it.  Can you see the fun designs in each block.  Marlene commented that she enjoyed that as it gave her an opportunity to practice.  That’s PERFECT!!  As you can see Marlene did a good job and even if there was a few bobbles, it’s all okay…these charity quilts are an awesome place to practice!!

These colors are great together.  Who was the person that long ago told me that pink and red shouldn’t go together.  This proves them wrong.

I had sent a backing that Marlene’s machine didn’t love so she kindly provided a muslin backing that she found thrifting….Gotta love a fellow thrifter.

The hunter’s star is made by Christie Y.  This one was also done with the Dusty Miller panto.

Don’t you love the scrappy colors of this one?  here it is all finished.Marlene’s two helpers who are doing the “cat scan” are Morris and Bobbins..Marlene says they love all things quilt related….so cute.
Great job ladies….Your donation of tops and time were so appreciate Marlene, Sharon and Christie.

Marlene writes:
“I called the V.A. today and they where thrilled to be getting the quilts.  I will deliver these and two of mine tomorrow.  You can send me more any time you want.  Warm weather is coming (I hope) and I like to sit out on the front porch and hand stitch bindings.”

Good News Marlene:  I sent a box of FIVE more quilts out to you on Monday…you should be getting them today.

If there is anyone wanting to know more about charity quilting or how to donate unwanted quilting things, there are tabs at the top of the page that will lead you to more information.  If you have question as always, feel free to leave a comment or email me…



6 thoughts on “Charity Quilts: Marlene’s Work”

  1. Sharon Judkins

    She made my quilts look so pretty! So happy they will be going to someone who can use them! Still trying to quilt up all of these tops I have stacked up. Thank you so much for doing this.

  2. Marlene your hands were just what those beautiful quilts needed, thank you Sharon, Marlene and Christie for being so generous with your talents. Quilters have big hearts!

  3. I think quilting charity quilts is the perfect way to try out new or different things and practice the person who uses the quilt will enjoy it for what it is a warm hug.
    My friend and I are making doll quilts as a charity type project using up fabrics she wants gone and since we meet only once a week they are done quickly. We are piecing batting leftovers using trims experimenting with different techniques and stitches. The children who will receive these doll quilts will love them and have no clue about the good time 2 old ladies had trying this and that

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