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I think I might have created something bigger than I knew. A bit ago I got an email from blog reader and volunteer binder, Karin. She had completed a quilt and made plans to send it to the fire victims in the Tennessee area. She expressed an interest in wanting to do more to help. I thought it was a great idea. I looked at my schedule for the upcoming month thinking I could likely power through and do six charity quilts. Karin said she’d be willing to bind a couple of them and I was certain I could rally a couple more volunteer binders.

Our only problem….I only had two quilt tops here. OH NO!

So last week on Monday I wrote a blog post about wanting to do more but needing quilt tops. OH MY! WOW! I think I opened my mouth a little too big.  Emails started coming in…boxes started coming too.  Some people emailed me first and others sent quilt tops.  I answered the first five emails and said I’d take the quilt tops….then after that I wrote and said I would accept the tops but I don’t think they would be done in time to help the fire victims of Tennessee.

Here’s my reasoning.  The fires happened a bit ago so we’re a little behind.  I have to quilt these, get them sent out and then the binders need time to bind and mail them out.  It will easily be 3-4 weeks if there are not hitches and things work very timely….and I can get quilts done that quickly.  By then other organizations will be sending quilts too….so that’s why I told people who sent notes about quilt tops that I can’t guarantee that the tops will go to Tennessee….I did however promise that the tops would still find a worthy home.

In light of all this, I started in on the quilt tops that were already here….


I had a good backing for it.  It’s light with a darker tan accent.  I think it’s going to look good.

My intention this night was to get the quilt loaded and work on it the next day….I ended up staying up a bit and put two bobbins worth of thread into it.  The plan was to get up early the next morning and finish it.  That didn’t happen so late that night I was going to be and thought…just put one bobbins worth of thread into it.  Well I put 2 1/2 bobbins of thread into it.

Little by little, it’s going to get done.  I’ve always said it’s not a problem to get the quilts quilted.  The problem is to get them loaded onto the frame.  I think many long armers can relate.  Getting them into the frame requires so many decisions…backing, thread color, motif for quilting…UGH.  I hate decisions.

In light of that I think I’m going to try to take on a new thought process of decisions….I want to celebrate them because after all making a decision means I have a choice.  So many times in situations, we don’t have many choices or options….maybe those choices and options should actually be celebrated rather that put off and disguised as decisions needing to be made.

Anyway…back to my charity tops.  Let me show you what has come in…First off…here’s a thank you from Share House in ND thanking us for the donation.  That quilt was done by the team of Dori and Lori.


Well on the same day that the thank you came I got a another quilt top from Dori.  Well being that Dori previously requested that her quilt top be sent to Share House, I think I’ll save this quilt top back and complete it for Share House too.  Lori has graciously offered to bind more quilts for donation there.


Here is a box of SIX quilt tops.  These are all from Diane V in Texas.  There are all sorts and sizes in this box.


The next box has two quilt tops.  These came from Patricia in Spokane who is a charity worker for sure. She’s sent many tops before.


Next up, a box from Indiana from Cathy W….one more quilt.  I’m excited to take a peak at this one.  The note says it’s Bonnie Hunter’s Jared Takes a Wife.


Here are three quilts from Evelyn in Los Angeles.  By the way, if you ever want invitations hand written, Evelyn would be your girl.  Her writing is PERFECT….Absolutely perfect.  Evelyn also sent some money to help with postage.


Next is box of 4 tops.  These are from Christine in Hillsburo, Oregon.  Looks like bright goodness in this bag.  Can you believe that I don’t pull them out and look at them until I’m ready to find backings for them?  I like the anticipation and surprise.


Letters of support have come in too.  This is from Joyce and Janice in Washington.  This is being used towards the purchase of a roll of batting.  I’m going to be needing one, don’t you think?


I got a lovely card from Dori who has been making some quilt tops for Sharehouse.  Look at the card she sent.  Isn’t this adorable?  The little flowers are tatted.  I love it.  SO-SO cute.


As you can see, I’ll be chained to the quilting machine trying to get as many out as I can.  For reference, at the time this was posted, more people offered to send tops.  You can see why I’m a little nervous trying to hurry to get these taken care of.

Hubby did tell me that he won’t allow me to chain myself to the machine….he said he understands my need to help but still wants a wife.

THANKS to everyone who is helping with this.  As always, if you are interested in quilting a few of these or binding a few of these let me know….I take offers of help on a regular basis.  Email me with questions…  If you emailed before and I didn’t get a quilt to you to bind, feel free to contact me again.

11 thoughts on “Charity Quilts….”

  1. It would be nice if other people who would be willing to long arm charity quilts for free, would send you their names and addresses. If people who have tops to be quilts contacted you before they mail them, you could consult your list and have them mail the tops to the quilter closest to them. That way you wouldn’t be overwhelmed with the quilting and the added expense of having to forward the tops. Just a thought. Blessings!

  2. I am getting a computerized long arm this month and do not plan on doing quilting as a business but doing it for charity work. Will let you know when I get it up and running and I can help. I dont have a blog but post on Facebook for friends. Would need some helpers to sew the binding on the back because my hands cannot do that much hand work.

  3. Helenanne Judisch

    I understand you’re not looking at the donated quilt tops until you’re ready to quilt them to give yourself the “surprise” factor. But since I bargain hunt for fabric and frequently work from donated fabric I’ve found it helpful to make a list of the quilts I have in progress along with the finished tops. I use a google spreadsheet so I can access it anywhere that I have cell phone service. This has allowed me to choose backing and binding fabrics to fit the projects needing to be finished when I find something suitable and economical. It also provides a reference point when people offer to donate fabric for the projects under construction. Fabric Storage and being able to access it all is a problem, so I can’t say yes to everything. Along this line, If I knew your were looking for backing for a particular size/pattern/color of quilt there might be something here to meet your need that I could send your way. I know many quilters generously share what they have. Sending pictures and measurements of quilts and fabrics does require some additional effort, but it also shares the work and perhaps the resources. I started keeping this kind of list when my weekly quilt group took on a project to make 40 quilts for an extended family we knew of that lost homes from hurricane Katrina.

  4. Jo,

    Can you post an address of where completed quilts can be mailed and I’ll mail mine directly there? Thanks. I can’t find any address on the Dolly Foundation website.

  5. I am sending mine directly here:
    Mission of Love / Kathleen Price
    2054 Hemlock Court
    Youngstown, Ohio 44515
    They are looking to have quilts by January 15 for delivery. I know that isn’t a lot of time, but if someone has some done already, they could get them sent. Off to finish a dinosaur one, I hope some little boy or girl who loves dinosaurs is going to be touched. Leftovers for lunch and soup in the crock pot for supper already-sewing machine, here I come!

  6. Wow! the generosity of the quilting world is amazing! Cant wait to see what they all look like out of there boxes and being finished.

  7. Smoky Mountain Quilters
    P.O. Box 30692
    Knoxville, TN 37930

    Are currently sewing and distrubing out quilts to the wildfire victims. If you want to send them any quilts, mark them for the “wildfire” and they will get it to the correct people.

  8. Karin Callander

    Warrms my heart even more to re such an overwhelmingly generous response. I know you’re really busy, but I’ll take as many as you can send. I bind them at night, while watching tv. Keeps me from snacking!

  9. Thanks for the address for the Smoky Mountain Quilters. I’ll send mine there! It’s great to have a bunch of people so willing to help out!

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