Charity Quilts

My email has been a fun place to be.  Late last spring with the help of my daughters Kelli and Kayla we were able to get a bunch of charity quilts sent out to volunteer binders.  Now pictures of the finished quilts are coming in more and more.  It’s so nice to see.

Check out these FIVE baby quilts.


Back on April 18th just before I took my Radio Active Iodine treatment I was quilting them.


The backing that was sent with the quilts was so cute.  The tops were super scrappy and so-so nice.

Roxie from Binky Patrol in NE Iowa volunteered to pick these up and bind them.   When she came I also sent with her a box of fabric to be used for upcoming children’s quilts.  In the box I included the left over backing fabric.  She was able to use it along with other donated scraps to make scrappy bindings for all the quilts.

The quilts will be staying with her organization and will be distributed as needed.

I am so proud to be a small piece in this charity quilting project.  Thanks so much to all who made these quilts happen.

If you ever have quilt tops that you are no longer interested in and they would be good for children, Roxie will gladly take any donations.  You can contact Roxie at…tell her Jo sent you!!

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