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With sick kids at childcare and one family out on maternity leave, my childcare schedule has been crazy.  I have two boxes almost ready to be sent out but no way I could get to the post office.  I had plans to call Kalissa and ask if she’d run the boxes to the post office but then the stars aligned and I got messages from childcare parents and my childcare day was adjusting so I wouldn’t have kids until 9am.  That worked great for me..I could now get to the bank and post office!

Well once I found out I could go..I scrambled.  The brown box is being sent out to American Patchwork and Quilting.  We have two projects that are scheduled to be featured in upcoming magazines.  They weren’t due until the end of the month but with my surgery looming I’d prefer them out of here so I don’t worry about them.  The other box is a shipment of quilts heading out to Quilts of Compassion.


The box was CHUCK full of quilt top donated by blog readers and finished by me.  It is such a great feeling to have the quilts on their way to someone in need.

There are two quilts included in the box that I haven’t shown you yet.  These I believe were from Marge.
Both tops were made from the same fabric collection.  That made it really nice.  I just made an extra large back, big enough for both quilts to fit on…then I did one quilt…


…and then I did the next one.  I didn’t have to unload and load the backing again.  That was a big time saver.


The pattern design on these is great for a fast charity or gift quilt.  A big piece of fabric is used for the center and then it is simply bordered.  Quick, easy and cute.  This would be great to do with a fun novelty print in the center.

I do apologize about the photos of these quilts.  The coloring is just a smidgen off.  I had snapped the pictures, bundled up the quilts in the box and a couple days later went back to write this blog post only to find that the picture color was a bit off.

It’s been a pleasure working with you Marge to get these quilts into the hands of people in need.  I think I finally have the quilt tops finished that Marge sent….no fear though…I have more tops here to work on.  Between doing my taxes, getting the new computer and being sick, my charity quilt work has slacked off a bit.  I guess life happens…and with that, I’m off to get a top loaded into the machine.

Today we’re sharing our finished quilt at  Confessions of a Fabric AddictCrazy Mom Quilts, and Link a Finish Friday.

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  1. Just a question: Do you wash your quilts before you send them off to charity? We do a lot of charity quilts in our small quilting group, and we have been washing them before sending them on. We wash them with color catchers to make sure they don’t fade. I was just curious what you did.

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