Charity Quilts

After the tornadoes went through the Midwest this week I’ve been trying to squeeze in a little bit of work on some charity quilts.

I have this one from Brenna completely finished.

I used a Wonky Feather free motion quilting pattern from the Pajama quilter on it.  It turned out good.

When I was suppose to be upstairs cleaning I got a little sidetracked….I loaded this quilt on the frame.

Well then I thought I would just get the thread all set and ready.  Then I thought well I’ll just tack the edges down.  Then I thought I’ll just do one row.  Then I thought, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  You have other things to do that don’t include machine quilting today!!!”

Then I went downstairs and got the broom and got side tracked on something else.  I never did get back upstairs to clean.  Oh well…I have a quilt loaded on the frame that is completely ready to go and even started.  This quilt is lots of fun.  It’s getting a solid purple backing….I can’t wait to see it finished.

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