Charity Quilting…Help Please?

I had some mailbox overload….not in a bad way, in a totally good way.  But, it has me looking for a little help.

There were four boxes that were FULL of things..

This is a Texas themed project.  The fabrics even have bluebonnets and the words “Texas” on it.  There are blocks and some extra fabric.

There are over 120 blocks already finished.  Another border could be put on them….they could be sewn together and finished like this.  My problem, I think it would go best to someone it Texas.  Is there are charity quilter in Texas who would finish this up and find a charity that could utilize the quilt?

Any volunteers would need to send a picture or to to me of the finished quilt.  Provide Sandra’s name as the person who donated the fabric and provide the name of the group it was donated to.  Anyone willing to grab that project and go with it??  If you are, email me at  Again, I think it would be best if this goes on to someone in Texas.  **A VOLUNTEER HAS BEEN FOUND**

There was cat fabric and coordinating fabric.  There’s about two yards of each.

There is Christmas fabrics….

There is yardage….

There are generous left overs from projects.  These two bundles happen to coordinate in color.

There are two quilt tops that are rail fence design…not quite complete but close with some fabric with to help with the finish.

Then there were kits…yes, I said kits!  See?This has the pattern and the fabrics to make it.  The fabrics are earth tone and I think batiks.

Here’s a better look at them.

This one is fun colors….

You can see them a little better in this picture.

Here’s a “Turning 20 Again”.  The fabric is the same as the fabric shown in the small pattern.  What fun colors!!  A good boy quilt…I think.

I have emails out to two of my charity quilters who work on these types of projects. (UPDATE:  Ronda is taking all the kits and extra fabric) I’m sure they will want to snap up all of the projects except the Texas quilt.  That’s why I am asking one of you Texan girls to volunteer to take the project on….Anyone??

I really admire Sandra for going through her stash and finding things that she wasn’t interested in and passing them on.  What a generous gift…and it will keep giving.  The charity makers will love the donation.  The recipients of the quilts will them.  So much good starts with one gift.  THANKS so much Sandra.  The goodies you passed on are wonderful!!

UPDATE:  Keep watching the blog…Sandra has plans to send out more goodies.  There will be lots of charity projects to see due to her generosity.  While I was coordinating this, Ronda wrote that she is super happy with all the fabric donations.  She loves making charity quilts but buying backing and batting is expensive so having the fabric for the tops donated is super helpful.  Ronda is #2 on our list of people who work on charity quilts and are looking for donations.  Check out this page to see more people/groups looking for donations.

8 thoughts on “Charity Quilting…Help Please?”

  1. Jo, “” is in Texas! She makes charity quilts for people dying in the hospital! She does block drives and take donation tops for this charity. She would probably love the Texas blocks! What a generous donation from Sandra!!!

  2. Jo,my friend and I make quilts for the kids at the Flying Horse Farm in Ohio. It is a camp for sick kids and each one gets a quilt and pillowcase to take home. This weekend I am taking 26 quilts and 38 pillowcases to the coordinators. We try to specialize in “boy” type quilts (no pinks or flowers if possible) since these type quilts are always more in demand. If anyone wants to assist with leftover fabric with a child/boy type theme,we would be blessed. We provide everything on our own and we both do the machine quilting on them. Some of the quilts are jungle, car, dinosaur, panels, minions, cats and dogs, etc. Jo, you should have my email address to share.

  3. Jo, I’d be glad to help with a project or two….I’ve done binding for you in the past (2 years ago??)) and I am up for more…..piecing tops is what I like best

  4. Wonderful! Have been making quilts for the Trauma Unit at ECMC Hospital in Buffalo NY. Hopefully the patient takes it home, sometimes it is one of the last things the patient could leave for the family.

  5. I see you have more than enough help. I make donation quilts to give to those who need comfort in my area. Most are going thru chemo or dialysis, but I also make quilts for veterans and to support good causes for raffle at fundraisers. I have made quilts for children who lost a parent to illness or accident.
    These comfort quilts have become my mission since I became disabled and unable to continue nursing due to an injury at work. They give me a purpose to my days and bring comfort to those who receive them.
    If you ever need someone else to help with sewing up donations, give me a yell. I would be happy to help use up such generous donations and gifts. There always seems to be a need.

  6. Jo, I would be happy to sew up any donation quilts for you. I have had to slow down on my piecing because I can’t cut my pieces but if you ever have tops that are cut out I would be excited to put them together for you. I was hoping to have a cutting service for others when I retired but then the big C came along and I lost my right arm so I can no longer cut. I tried and nearly removed a finger so my daughter took my rotary cutters away! But, as I said, I would gladly help in any way I can. Thank you.

  7. Hi, my name is Nzinga and I started quilting a year ago. I make lap quilts for veterans in Hospices. If ever i can be of service to you please reach out. Happy Quilting!

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