Charity Quilters in Florida

In the midst of sewing room clean out I figured out that I don’t really finish charity quilts very often anymore.  With my shoulder injury and the amount that now goes through here, there is no way I could have ever kept up.

That lead me to realizing I really didn’t need the extensive cotton sheet collection that I had.  So…I shipped them out.  Carol a charity quilter with her church group messaged me that they could put the sheets to use.  AWESOME.  I sent some her way.

Carol writes:
Hi Jo, I’m attaching a photo of me in pink sweatshirt and June who is our leader of our church quilting group.  We were thrilled to get the sheets you sent for backings for our quilts.  We have already paired them up with tops that we make 60” by 80”.    We made over 150 quilts last year for Lutheran World Relief and we had a good day today.  

The picture I sent earlier (the photo below)
featured Marjo from Minnesota cutting up the stripes you had sent previously.  Thank you for the gifts for our efforts!

Carol mentioned that Marjo is a snowbird.  How awesome is it that she can have two church families?

For those of you who don’t know a lot about Lutheran World Relief, it is a organization that helps people across the globe.  Many of these quilts will end up in places of disaster or great need.

The goal of the ladies making the quilts isn’t an amazing beautiful quilt.  They are asked to focus more on the function of a quilt.  My first thought was always warmth, but that isn’t always what the quilts are needed for.  Hung in a tree they provide shade.  Laid on the ground they provide a clean place to eat.

Lutheran World Relief quilts are typically 60 x 80 and made with items such as cotton sheets.  Not every group, but many cut squares that are 10″ square, sew them together in a 6 x 8 setting and have a quilt.  The quilts are not glamorous but very functional and VERY needed.

Hats off to that ladies quilting for LWR.  I applaud all of your efforts.  Thanks for being a link to provide good in the world!!!  Here’s to another 150 quilts ladies.

…and Carol, it was great to put a name with a face!!

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  1. Thank you for the post Jo! Will definitely have to share it with everyone! A woman at our guild brought in an enormous amount of fabric last week. I always wait for others to pour through it and then, at the end of the meeting, I take what is left to the church. Nothing goes to waste.

  2. My quilters group also sends to Lutheran World Relief
    as we are a Lutheran Church. We donate our quilts to
    many other charities in our community also, including
    Safe Home for Women & a few others. It is so great to
    give. Our quilts are also not fancy.
    WE do have a quilt sale once a year to raise funds for
    our supples (batting, thread, backing). We do have some
    very good quilters who donate some fancy tops during
    the year or special ones we have made that we try to
    keep for our sale.

  3. Jo. could you possibly tell me where in Florida they are located? If it was close enough to me, I might have some donations they could use. I am in the Clearwater/Palm Harbor area, near Tampa Fla.
    Thanks so much

  4. I too belong to our Lutheran quilting group. There are many of us all over the world and have been doing this for over 50 years right here in little Colville Washington. It is such a satisfying feeling to spend our time to help keep others in our world with a cozy quilt for their sleep. If you want to help give fabric, batting or your time to these quilting groups to keep others warm and happy

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