Charity Quilt Update

I’ve been working and working on getting the charity quilts caught up.  I’m happy to say, I’m getting closer.

This quilt was my latest finish.  Isn’t it gorgeous?


..a whole quilt of scrappy love!!

I’ve been saving this one in case something came along that I needed a something for like a family who was victim of a fire or something then I decided, nope.  I am finishing it up and sending it off.  I am going to have faith that should some tragedy arise you will all rise to the occasion and get quilts to me asap to quilt and everything will be fine.

Being Kelli was here I enlisted her to help me get the packages sent off to binders.  I opened my list of volunteers and if I could easily find the address to send the quilts to, that’s who got the quilts.  I sent two to everyone and there were five boxes.


I am so excited to have these out and one step closer to providing warmth for the eventual recipients.

One charity quilt, a beautiful flannel was sent on to Cheryl, the volunteer long armer in Texas.  The quilt was just over 100″ square and I can’t fit anything that big onto my frame.  Cheryl has a 12′ frame so she said she’d work on that.  I’m so happy about that!!  I felt awful about not being about to do it.

I have one more charity quilt here.  It needs some borders added to it and the color is that 80’s mauve.  It took a bit to find fabric but I think I finally found something that will work.  Next on my agenda is to add the borders and get it quilted.

I’m sure with winter here, there will be more of you sewing up tops.  Feel free to send them my way….

3 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Update”

  1. Love this quilt!! Scrappy quilts are my favorites!! Those black and white nine patches really pop, amid all the colorful fabrics….
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This scrappy quilt is one of the loveliest I’ve seen! So easy to figure out the pattern, too! A two color repeating ninepatch for the center, then courthouse steps out to the edge of the desired size square, piano key border. All in scraps of whatever you have. Thanks for showing this, Jo!!

  3. Jo I think I have a bolt of mauve. Let me look and I will get back to you. Let me know if you have already got it done so I don’t have to start searching..

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