Charity Quilt the Ronda and Denise Edition

I got a note from Ronda our charity quilt in Sioux City Iowa and she had a finish to share.

Ronda half apologized for spending time with her grand kids and not working on charity quilts much over the summer.  Oh Ronda, we all know our own families need to come first.  Sadly that’s one thing with charity’s never finished.  There are always people in need.

Ronda writes:

This one is from Denise in Florida (I hope I have that right, this time!).  It was a completed top along with backing, batting and binding.  The batting was fused and the whole quilt was pinned and ready to be quilted on a domestic machine, so that’s what I did.  It will be donated to the women’s shelter. ”

The one is perfect for a woman’s shelter.  I think anyone would love it.  Thanks for you hard work Denise and Ronda.  I love seeing these finishes.

I’ve got a couple things going in the sewing room that are charity quilting related. I’m hoping that I might have something to show next week. We’ll see you then….

6 thoughts on “Charity Quilt the Ronda and Denise Edition”

  1. I have 3 large lap quilts ready to donate at our local charity group this Saturday. We meet monthly. Last year we donated nearly 500 quilts in our community.

    Love love love charity quilting!!!!

  2. Beautiful quilt! I usually take one month and make stuff to give to our church school bazaar in the fall. My ‘month’ hasn’t happened yet! Ugh! I better get motivated!

  3. Kristy Wilkinson

    I have been working on plain fleece tied blankets for Project Linus. We decorate the plain ones that come in with applique. I just finished one that has hedgehogs, leaves and mushrooms on it. It is pretty cute! I actually have more time in the summer since I am not schooling my children right now as we are on holiday! Love this quilt. Simple and fun. Thanks Jo for facilitating our charity quilts. K-

  4. That is awesome quilting! Can’t believe she did cross hatching all over the quilt with her domestic machine. As someone who has done a bit of quilting on my domestic machine, I would have been inclined to do half of the cross hatch (in other words, just one way instead of both ways). My hat’s off to Ronda!!

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