Charity Quilt: The Joyce Edition

I had some quilt tops sent to me and I ended up sending them out a blog reader, Joyce.

Joyce is a charity quilter supporting hospice efforts.  So many people nearing end of life and cold as their bodies don’t work like they once did.  The hospice quilts are just what they need to easy them as they near the end.  What a wonderful way to let people know they are still loved and people are caring for them even when life gets ugly.

IMG_0745 (Large)

The colors on this were really great.

Here’s another shot of the quilt.

IMG_0747 (Large)

Joyce didn’t give me name on who donated the top.  I’m sorry about that.  It could be an annonymous donation as I know several of them had come in.  Either way…A HUGE SHOUT OUT to the make and to Joyce the finisher.  Joyce is really lucky, she belongs to group and has a volunteer machine quilter that helps out too.  Another quilt top I sent her is there now.

Thanks so much to Joyce and her group for the great work they do.

You can read more about it here on Joyce’s blog.  Joyce is always looking for more donations.  Please contact her via her blog if you have donations that could help them.

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