Charity Quilt the Jo and Cheryl Edition

Yes, I am finally showing a charity quilt that I made.  Do you recognize On Ringo Lake, Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt in 2017?  I made this one with batiks.  The quilt was fine but I wasn’t head over heals in love with it….I was in a rut.  My shoulder felt awful about the time I was done sewing it and I thought “what the heck”…I’m sending this on to Cheryl.  I knew she’d find a good home for it…and she did!


I sent the quilt top to Cheryl in Dallas for quilting and binding.  Cheryl likes larger quilts and this one measures 76” by 90.”  A nice twin-size quilt.  Above, the quilt top that was pieced in Iowa and designed in North Carolina is loaded onto a longarm machine in Texas.


And the quilting begins.  Cheryl told me that it takes her a long time to quilt even with her longarm machine because everything has to be perfect.  It takes all kinds, doesn’t it?  We each love a different part of the quilt-making process.

The quilting pattern shown above is “Denise’s Spirals” by Denise Schillinger, available at Urban Elementz.  I like how the spirals provide a contrast with all of the sharp angles in the quilt pattern.


More stitching.  Almost at the finish line.

Without more ado, here’s the final reveal.  Doesn’t it look great as a completed quilt?  No pride of workmanship on my part.  Ha!


Cheryl used fabric from her stash for the binding.  Although the binding is not a batik, it looks pretty good on this quilt.

Another coincidence about the brown backing.  I ordered this from Quilted Twins back in October and sent it to Cheryl in Dallas to help with her charity projects.  Isn’t it the perfect match for this quilt?

I love how these things come together; so many quilters working together for common goals.  It’s fun and it provides a blessing for the recipient.

This quilt is going to Gainesville, Florida, where it will be featured in the Christian Women’s Club raffle in November.

The raffle features lovely items purchased specifically for the raffle, and a homemade quilt is always included.  Cheryl said the ladies LOVE to examine the quilt before the meeting, and everyone gets in on the action to try to win it.

I am so happy that this quilt is moving on to a good place.  Let’s hope the bids are high and lots of good can come with the money it brings in!!  I was thinking about skipping out on the mystery quilt this year.  Now I’m thinking I should do it….I can always ship it on to Cheryl and she’ll do good things with it!!  Thanks a million Cheryl for making my quilt look so-so good!!

16 thoughts on “Charity Quilt the Jo and Cheryl Edition”

  1. Your quilt turned out lovely in the end. I don’t participate in Bonnie’s mystery quilts. I don’t want to spend my time making a quilt that I may or may not like. I have to see the finished quilt then decide.

  2. Your quilt is lovely and I’m sure it will bring in a good amount from the raffle! You and Cheryl and Bonnie have done a fine job!

  3. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    Wow I know how much work that is as I have one waiting to be finished. Got all the blocks made, just have to sew them together. At a retreat in October. I hope I dont want to do this years mystery. It is all consuming.

  4. I love how it all started in NC, made a stop in Iowa but found a home in Texas! it takes a village sometimes. I wonder where it will find a forever home.

  5. It turned out so great! I wasn’t thrilled with my On Ringo Lake so I changed it. I left out the sashing and added a string neutral border. I gave mine to my brother.
    I always enjoy your blog posts.
    Thanks for all you do.

  6. Another great quilt goes to a good home. I love the colors on this one – and am so envious of Cheryl’s quilting ability and her machine!

    Good work – thanks for the close-up pictures.

  7. SusanfromKentucky

    Wow, I can’t believe you passed that one on, too. Someone is going to be very happy winning it. It was a beautiful quilt!

  8. Cheryl in Dallas

    My own On Ringo Lake quilt is in a box somewhere. I got as far as Clue #4, I think. I am glad that other folks are finishing their tops.

    Jo, your readers are always such an inspiration when they write in describing quilts they have completed and given away. What a wonderful community quilters are!

  9. What brand of thread do you use in your longarm machine? The stitches always look distinct and the tension is perfect. Just wondering.

  10. Such a beautiful quilt Jo and Cheryl!!!! It would be so fun to watch the women before the raffle and to see the reaction of the winner!!!

  11. Your quilt turned out very nice. I have my blocks made, just need to put together sometime. I really like your backing material. I have the same material in a couple of different colors.

  12. From North Carolina to Iowa to Texas all made with love so those of us in Gainesville, FL can hope to win it. The last quilt Cheryl sent stayed in the arms of the winner for the rest of the auction. The monies from the auction are for Stonecroft Ministeries whose sole purpose is to bring hope and faith in God to women all over the country and the world. Thank you Cheryl and Jo for your labor of love. It is so very beautiful and so very much appreciated.

  13. Your quilt turned out gorgeous! I can’t believe you’re not keeping it, although I’m sure that it will bring in a good amount of money. The backing does look perfect for it and I love the quilting design too.

  14. This is one of the prettiest versions of On Ringo Lake that I have seen! The colors are so vibrant and the brown backing is perfect for it. All of you ladies did such a wonderful job!

  15. You have to really like piecing to make Bonnie’s quilts…they all have about a million pieces. I plan to make a few of them myself but they haven’t made it to the top of the list. I had back surgery in April and haven’t touched my machine since…hope to feel better soon. In the meantime, it’s EPP for me! I think it’s a beautiful quilt and lots of hours went into it…hope the recipient loves it!

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