Charity Quilt: the Cathy Lewis and Anita Stevens Edition

In my email I recently got a note from Anita…She writes:

I’m sending a completed quilt update with photos of the quilt.  The fabric and Bonnie Hunter’s pattern was donated to your charity efforts by Cathy L. in Mustang Oklahoma.  I volunteered to complete it and donate it to a charity.

I received the box from you in early August, and right away I sorted through to see how far Cathy had gotten with the steps.  Then it sat for a week or so while I finished up another quilt top for the shelter.

As I worked on the hourglass block clue (needing lots of red/neutral half square triangles), I realized I was running pretty low on red fabrics, so I added my own red fabrics in to complete that step.  And with all of Cathy’s red being used up, I still hadn’t tackled the pieced border, so I had to make a decision about that.  I looked at what I had left, and had enough in the strips that she sent of a green fabric to add the simple border to finish off the patchwork.  I decided it needed the red as the binding.   Red is not a color that I have a lot of in my stash, and the only red I had large enough for binding was a yardage piece of Kona red.  I used a cream colored wide backing that I purchased with a coupon from Joann’s. I’m happy with the finished quilt, I hope Cathy will be too.”

Here’s one block….

Here’s the other….

What wonderful work!!  Any of you who have made Bonnie Hunter’s quilt Carolina Christmas knows this is a quilt that requires lots of piecing.  Fabulous Anita.

Anita writes:
I will be donating this quilt and 9 others that I’ve made this year (from my scraps), to the EVE shelter in Lansing Michigan.     I’m including a link to their website in case Cathy or anyone else might be interested in learning about their mission.    They help people, mostly women and their children, but also occasionally men and their children, who must leave their home due to family violence. Among other things, EVE provides them with emergency housing and this is where the quilt donations are used.   Thank you to both Cathy and you for allowing me to complete this quilt and then donate it to EVE.  It will be a much appreciated item for a family in need, as they move forward into a better life.”

Thanks so much for the link.  I love to learn more about the charities.

So doesn’t anyone else have a “Bonnie” quilt or other quilt that you’ve given up mid-way through?  Anita just might be your girl to get it finished up and off to charity.  She did a MARVELOUS job on this one.

Thanks so much to Anita and to Cathy for your generous donations.  How awesome!!  Aren’t things so much easier when we’re all part of a team.  Great work ladies.


7 thoughts on “Charity Quilt: the Cathy Lewis and Anita Stevens Edition”

  1. I am so thrilled that Anita was able to complete a quilt and donate.. I am also happy to see the finished product.
    Cathy Lewis ( Mustang , Ok )

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