Charity Quilt: Snail’s Trail

Hey all…I have a treat for you.  I have a finished charity quilt…and a request.

First off this quilt came from a blog reader, Phyllis is Pennsylvania.  Well..It wasn’t a completed quilt top but it was blocks….I sewed them together and put the top together.  It didn’t take long at all.  These blocks were likely set aside because the blocks weren’t uniform.  Phyllis had gotten them from the estate sale of the quilter and passed them along to me.

Awhile back I featured the blocks when I wrote about fudging seams and how good quilts can still be made from not perfect blocks.  Read that here if you missed it.


Now, with the finish of this top, you can really see that good quilts truly can be made from not perfect blocks.  This will definitely keep someone warm.  It’s flannel and super cozy.


I was so happy when I found the binding material.  It had feathers on it and it was one of those fabric that’s hard to use but it was perfect…the blues, reds and grays go perfect.  The binder for this project was Karin in Florida.  Initially I wondered about a flannel quilt being sent to Florida but it worked out perfectly.  Karin writes, “The quilt has been bound and is getting ready for shipping out to Dolly Parton’s Foundation ( My People Fund, to benefit the victims of the east Tennessee wildfires.  Dolly has always had a special place in my heart and her generosity knows no bounds.  I’ll be including your story of how many hands and hearts work together to create these hugs and stitches to blanket the world in love.”

Isn’t it awesome to know the quilt will be going to a good cause?


Sadly, so many people lost all their belongings in the Tennessee fires.  Karin has offered to bind more quilts and send them there if I can come up with quilts to send her.  I have a couple that have come in this month but I was hoping to try to get together a couple more.  Does anyone have any tops that they’d like to donate?  The first six tops that come in will be finished as soon as I can and will be completed to benefit the Tennessee fire victims.

I think it’s a worth place for some tops to go…and I think it’s a realistic amount for us to try to complete.  Anyone with me?  Here’s my email address if you have any questions…

Thanks so much to Phyllis for passing this along and thanks so much to Karin for her work binding and bringing to light this worthy cause.  Maybe you have a few “not so perfect” blocks that you could sew together and get made into a top like this one…


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  1. Hi Jo, I live in TN and I know those quilts will be most welcomed by the fire victims. My quilt guild is making quilts for them also and our contact in the area of Gatlinburg has told us any size is welcomed since the victims are of all ages. Your quilt turned out lovely and will be most cherished by it recipient, thank you for all your kindness.

  2. I have a quilt top or two that I can send to you. Please email your address. I love reading your blog and your stories about your wonderful family and life.

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