Charity Quilt Ronda and Janelle…AGAIN.

Last week I showed off quilt tops that Janelle R made and Ronda finished…  This week I’m doing the same.  There are different quilts but look very similar.

Ronda writes:
Hi Jo,
I have three more donation quilts to share with you.  These three are the second group of three tops that were sent to me from Janelle R. in Pasadena, MD.  I just had to quilt and bind them.  They will go along with the first three to the Ronald McDonald House.  I used a plush blanket with no batting on one of them and it turned out so nice and soft and squishy.  It’s quite warm, too, so will come in handy as the weather here turns colder.  Thank you, again, Janelle, for passing these on to me.”

Here’s quilt #1….
I always smile at simple square quilts.  There is something happy about them…at least I sure think there is!!

…and a bright cheery backing fabric.  PERFECT!!

This is quilt #2.  These are all baby sized.  I love that they aren’t really gender specific.

There’s a whole lot of everything going on with them.  I can so imagine a sick kiddo at Ronald McDonald house hunting the tigers in the fabric!!

This is quilt #3….This one shows off Ronda’s great quilting so nicely.

This is the plush backing fabric that she mentioned.  With all the colors going on in the top of the quilt, this backing works great.

I am so impressed with all the charity quilting that has been happening.  Thursdays, when I do the posts, are about the happiest of days.  So much of the news is about tragedy and hurt.  It’s good to witness good in the world.  Thanks so much Janelle and Ronda for being part of the good we’re all seeing today.

See you back here next week with more good news.

4 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Ronda and Janelle…AGAIN.”

  1. I worked with our church guild making quilts this past monday. I am the fabric sorter and cutter. Our quilts are 60 by 80 for Lutheran World Relief and I take the larger pieces that are donated to make backs and then cut the rest into 10.5″ squares. It is quite an operation. One woman arranged the squares in a 6 by 8 pattern, several more sew them together to make the tops. We have about 6 ladies that tie the quilts and one 90 year old who does all the ironing. She is the best ironer in the world. One or two women bring their machines and sew up backs and whatever else needs doing. I pair up with one sewer and feed her projects the whole time. It works out well for all of us and we have so much fun! Twice a month!

  2. Those are some wonderful quilts and such a generous sharing of time and talent. Nice job ladies. I think the plush backing is going to be a hit.

  3. I hope to finish a second quilt top for a group to tie and bind for the Flying Horse Farm. It’s a summer camp for children with serious illnesses. Plus I’m down sizing my stash and giving the fabric to lady involved with 3 different groups who make quilts for charities.

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