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Hi all!  You might remember last fall (or so) an anonymous donor from Minnesota sent a couple quilt tops to me.  The tops looked perfect to be used as Quilt of Valor quilts.  I have a local gal, that I’m friends with, who spear heads the QOV group in the neighboring community.  I contacted her and she said she would be willing to finish the tops and get them to a worthy veteran.  Well…a ceremony was recently held and the two quilts were given away.

Coordinating these events is a huge undertaking.  Doreen, my contact, is a big contributor of her time and talents making these QOV quilt awarding ceremonies come to life.  I am in awe of all she does and in awe of the many people who help her.


Doreen was a little sad once the presentation was all over, as the pictures, she felt, didn’t do justice to the awarding of the quilts.  Shown here is a gentlemen waiting for his quilts…the one donated by a blog reader.  The other quilt top, awarding didn’t get a picture….well, it did but as the award was happening someone stood and “photo bombed” the picture.  UGH.  It happens to us all, right?!

Regardless…through donation of quilt tops, and time from local ladies, two well deserving gentlemen from my area were recipients of quilts in honor of their service.  I couldn’t be happier about that whether there are pictures or not!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped made this happen and thanks to all of you out there who are donating your time to your local groups who work to honor our veterans…

3 thoughts on “Charity Quilt: QOV”

  1. My copy of American Patchwork & Quilting came today—and guess what is inside ???
    Your “Sew Giving” quilt !!! You and Kellie did a wonderful job with it. I love it !!!!
    Congratulations on having another in a magazine.

  2. How wonderful that those two quilts were put into the right hands to be finished and given out. Love it!

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