Charity Quilt: It takes a village version

Ronda has been at it again.  What a productive lady!!

I love this first quilt what a bunch of scrappy fun!!

Ronda writes:
Nancy K. in Florida sent me some finished blocks along with lots of pieced 6 1/2″ squares to make more blocks like the ones she had finished.  I came up with some plain 6 1/2″ squares that were in a box that you had sent me.  So together with Nancy’s pieced squares and your plain squares, I made enough blocks to make a large lap quilt.”

The backing fabric came from Gloria S. in Lomita, California.  And the binding is from my stash.  This will go to the Gospel Mission.  I think this will be a good quilt for a guy.”

Wow!!  Look at all the people involved to get the quilt together.  Never be afraid that a donation isn’t “wonderful”.  There are talented people like Ronda who can take leftovers and turn them into some very nice looking quilts.

Ronda sent a pictures of second quilt too….All the fabric, including the backing, in the second quilt came from Judy M. in Lynchburg, Virginia.  My intention was to make a queen sized quilt that I could donate for a fundraiser, but after getting it to lap size, I changed my mind and decided it was big enough.  It will still go for a fundraiser.”  

“The pieces are cut at 1 1/2″ and finish at 1″.  I have enough of this same fabric left to make another lap quilt, but I will find a pattern with bigger pieces!”

WOW.  Two beautiful charity quilts.  Thanks so much to all who donated things to Ronda so she had materials to work with and a HUGE shout out to Ronda.  She can really work some magic!!  Thank you, thank you!!




   By the way, whatever you did to fix your blog worked!  Yay!  I didn’t have any problems reading it today.


3 thoughts on “Charity Quilt: It takes a village version”

  1. Love the scrappiness of the first quilt. And those are some small pieces in the 2nd quilt. I don’t know that I would have the patience to work with such small pieces. Great job ladies!

  2. Rhonda is amazing! I love seeing the scraps and orphan blocks that are donated and then turned into a beautiful quilt! I am not one who can invision something from nothing but I love seeing what Rhonda and other can create!

  3. Beautiful quilts both. Nice job Ronda for finishing these quilts. And a big thanks to those who contribute fabric and blocks. Thanks for sharing.

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