Charity Quilt: I get by with a little help from my friends

Ronda sent me pictures of her latest charity quilt…I loved the story on this one and I think you all will too.

Hi Jo,

   Yay!  Another quilt done for an upcoming fundraiser.  Catherine B. from Sewell, NJ sent me 28 beautiful string blocks.  What to do with them?  How to set them?  I had nothing in my stash to come up with two more string blocks to match hers or even come close, so I opted to use two non-pieced squares in place of those needed string blocks. 

After searching thru what I had, I found this script printed fabric that was really close to the script fabric that she had in her blocks.  It looks better in person than in the photos.

The fabric for the inner border and binding came from Judy M. in Virginia.  The outer border is from Ila.  And the backing is from Gloria S. in California.  So…. 

with me, doing the construction of the top and the quilting and binding here in Iowa, this quilt came together from all corners of the country!  It finished up as 56 X 64 ~ so a nice sized lap quilt for a fundraiser.

How fun is that story.  Apparently it too a village to create this quilt.

I loved what Ronda did with only 26 blocks.  The two plain blocks that she added gives it a bit of a modern look…doesn’t it?  I think it was the perfect solution to the problem!!  Very out of the box but perfect.  I think I would have passed the blocks on to someone else for sure.  GREAT WORK Ronda and thanks so much to everyone who pitched in a help on this one.

Find me back here next week. I’m hoping we have more great quilts to show off.

6 thoughts on “Charity Quilt: I get by with a little help from my friends”

  1. I am always amazed at how someone can turn left over blocks or partial blocks into a quilt! I would still be thinking of what to do with them! Great job ladies and yes it did take a village to make this quilt!!!

  2. Wonderful quilt from all involved. I wonder if the person receiving these quilts ever get the story behind it. This quilt has a great back story. Thanks ladies for your generosity. Thanks Jo for sharing.

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