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After our garage sale adventures on Saturday we headed up to the sewing room.

The girls volunteered took pity on me  and offered to help with the charity quilts.  IT WAS AMAZING.

Kelli was a whirl wind.  She was finding and measuring out backings and bindings-getting quilts labeled with the maker and just a busy, busy girl.  Kayla was sewing on bindings.  I think she got three sewn down in the time we worked.  That’s great.  All I need to do is the flip side of the binding and being I am a machine binder, that won’t take long at all.

After just a few hours of it, this frazzled picture of Kayla says it all….

We were making a big dent in the room but better than that a HUGE dent in the charity quilting.  These quilts need to go to somewhere to do their good.  Sitting in my closet is no better than them sitting in the person who donated the quilts closet.

You can see in the background of the picture that the sewing room needs help and lots of it.  Since I went on the charity quilt binge everything has gotten crazy.

I am proud to report that we have more quilts ready to go to the next volunteer binder, Janet.


As soon as I can find a box I am packaging a couple to send to her.

Better yet, we have six quilts that are completely ready for me to do.  There are backings measured to size and bindings for them too.

I am so-so happy and excited about this progress.  I just can’t say how excited.

We were talking about what happened that left me so far behind on the quilts as I have been working one them.  I think the move to the new house, then the delay in getting the sewing room up and functioning, then a little bit of life and at the last, so many came in at once.  Before one or two were trickling in then it was more all at once.

Please don’t think I don’t want to continue doing them.  I do.  I love it.  But once it’s all under control I know that once I have three quilts here I just need to stop what I’m doing and get one done so that I never get over five here at a time.  Please continue to send them….after all, I find challenges and marathons (as long as they don’t involve running, lots of fun!)

YAHOO…we’re getting closer to the finish.

4 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Help”

  1. If any of the quilts meet the requirements (minimum 56×66) for Quilts of Valor, I will gladly add the binding and give them to the WY QOV state coordinator for distribution.

  2. I see your Fareway grocery bag, so you must be in Iowa. Do you donate any of your charity quilts to Quilts of Valor (minimum size 55 x 65). Iowa is very active in the foundation and will be hosting the national Quilts of Valor conference May 24, 25 in Des Moines. The executive director lives in Ames. Iowa is divided into regions and each has a state coordinator. If interested in helping wrap veterans in a quilt, go to – ABOUT QOVF – MEET US- STATE COORDINATORS- select IA to learn about them. One is in Dubuque- Cyndy Billmeyer ( YOU are doing a good thing!!

  3. I applaud you for all you do with the charity quilts. I sent a couple of tops to you several months ago, but I do know it takes time to quilt and finish them. But you continue to be a blessing to those who receive them. Bravo to those who help along the way.

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