Charity Quilt from Ronda

A while back I was contacted by Ronda and she asked about some partial projects that had come my way and I knew I wouldn’t get to.  I sent some to her and my – oh -my is Ronda a worker.  Give that girl some fabric and she’ll have a quilt in no time!!

I finished the first of the quilts you sent parts and pieces for.  The note pinned to this one said it was sent to you from Maryanne Comly of Perkaise PA.

Here it is ready for the machine.


Now it’s off the machine and all finished.  I think it turned out great, don’t you?

There were three blocks left over so they were incorporated on the back.  Great idea.  It’s looks perfect.

When this was sent to me, there were single blocks and then a bunch sewn into a 3 x 3 setting.  Ronda did a great job using more blocks to get it bigger and then adding the extras onto the back.  Some people are really good at having a vision to bring things together and bringing them to a finish.  Ronda is definitely one of those people.

If you check out the top of the blog you will notice that we added the tab there for anyone who is looking for a place to donate your unwanted quilting supplies to.  The tab is “Quilting Donations”.  There you find an email address for places all over the country who are looking for projects, fabrics and the like to make into charity quilts.  Most of the places/people are masters like Ronda who can work with most any fabrics.  Don’t worry if it’s “dated” fabric.  They will find a way to use it.  Ronda, who completed this “unwanted” project, is once of many on the list looking for goodies.

Ronda says this one is going to the Women and Children’s Shelter in her area.

Thanks so much Mary Anne and Ronda for helping make this project happen.

5 thoughts on “Charity Quilt from Ronda”

  1. That quilt turned out great. Great job by Rhonda and beautiful fabric and start of quilt by Maryanne. Someone will really feel the love by you both. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! Ladies it is a beautiful quilt and I know who ever receives it will be most grateful. Nice job!

  3. Cheryl in Dallas

    Ronda, what a wonderful job you did completing this quilt. It’s rather like a puzzle, isn’t it? I hope you enjoyed it because the end product is a joy.

    Maryanne, thanks for passing on your pieces-parts so they can get turned into a quilt. A resident at the women’s and children’s shelter will be wow’ed with this great gift.

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