Charity Quilt from Ronda and Janelle

I have charity quilts in from Ronda.  Ronda does such a great job so blog readers are sending things directly to her.  She’s a whiz and works so fast.

Ronda writes:
I have three finishes for you to share!  I received an email from Janelle, who asked if I would be interested in four quilt tops to quilt, bind, and donate.  I emailed her back that yes, I would take them.  So you can imagine my surprise ~ and delight! ~ when the box arrived and there were eight quilt tops instead!  They are all about 45 inches square, so just the right size for baby/kid quilts.  I have finished these with machine binding!  Yikes!  As I was sewing the binding down, I kept listening for the sirens and expecting the Quilt Police to come knocking on my sewing room door!  But, they left me alone and I was actually quite pleased with the way the quilts turned out.  I knew in reality that the binding should be machined on as they will be washed more often, being used for babies or small children, but I had always hand sewn my bindings in the past.  No more!  At least not on kids quilts or quilts being donated that will get used a lot.  So these three came from Janelle R. in Pasadena MD. and will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House.  I will share the rest of her quilts as I get them finished.  I used the same fabric on the back of all three, but put different binding on each of them.  Thanks so much, Janelle!

It might look like you’re seeing triple but you’re not.  Here’s quilt #1….

…and the back.  Look, Ronda did a great job on machine binding.  I totally agree that if a kid is using these and many washings are expected, machine bind if you can!!

Here’s Quilt #2….

Machine binding does get easier and easier the more you do it.  I don’t even pin mine down anymore!!  Can you believe that??

…and here is #3.

Aren’t these just fun?  I can so imagine kiddos laying on them and trying to find matching fabrics.  What great scrap buster quilts too!!

Ladies you did an awesome job.  A huge shout out to Janelle for donating the tops and to Ronda for finishing them.  These have traveled and made their way to Ronald McDonald house.  I am sure they will be used and loved by children in need.

Catch us back here next week. Ronda has more quilts to share.

4 thoughts on “Charity Quilt from Ronda and Janelle”

  1. What wonderful quilt tops and a great finish from Ronda. I think the backing is adorable and I also machine sew my binding on for children’s quilts.

  2. Those are wonderful quilts and they were tiny pieces of fabric. It goes to show what can be made from what some people call scraps. Both ladies did a great job. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  3. THere is no reason on earth why you should not do machine binding.
    I have done about 300 charity quilts by now and it would be impossible for me to do them all if I didn’t machine bind them.
    It is done very neatly and will hold up really well in the washing machine.
    Children pull and tug on their quilts and they stay in one piece much better.
    A well loved quilt.

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