Charity Quilt from Ronda and Ila

Ronda has done it again.  She’s such a worker.  I can’t believe all the charity quilts she tackles!

Here Ronda writes:

Hi Jo,

   I just wanted to let you know that I received the two boxes you sent today.  That was quick!  The pink/green quilt is from fabric Ila sent me along with a pattern she printed out from the internet with three different choices of layouts.  There wasn’t quite enough of the pinkish/coral color, so I added some of my own and it looks okay that way.  Also, she had sent several different greens for those large green triangles, but not big enough pieces, so I traded them for a constant green I had, and it all worked out.  Ila sent the backing, too, which is the same fabric I used for the border.  I added the black inner border and binding from my stash.  Together I think we did all right! 

   I have a new place to donate some kid quilts to.  It is called, “Quilts for Kids” and they provide quilts mainly to children’s hospitals, but also to foster kids and kids who have gone thru trauma of some kind.  I talked with a lady about 25 miles north of me who has a chapter of this organization and she is happy to come to me and pick up any quilts I want to donate.  They do have a few rules, like for size and the type of fabric used, and they have to be machine quilted ~ which I always do anyway.  If you Google “Quilts for Kids”, you can learn more about it.

   Thanks so much for all you’ve sent my way!  This will help me keep going and hopefully bring a smile to a child’s face!”
Here is the quilt Ronda made with the fabrics that Ila sent to her….


I think it turned out awesome!!  The colors are really nice and I can see that any kiddo would love it.

I did google Quilts for Kids.  Here is a link to their site.  They look like an worthy group and is dedicated to helping quilters find an outlet for their talent and for helping kids.  It’s a win-win.

Thanks so much to Ila for sending goodies on to Ronda…and thanks so much to Ronda for doing the work to make this quilt come into being.  I love when people pull up their boot straps and do things to help others.  You ladies are my kind of girls!!

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  1. Beautiful! I’ve done lots of Quilts for Kids..they are supplemented by Downy Fabric Softener and they have kits available for the price of postage alone. They supply the pattern, fabric to piece the top and backing, you supply the batting, do the piecing and quilting and send it back. It’s always a great way to try out new quilting motifs! Or practice old ones…

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