Charity Quilt From Ronda and Friends


Ronda dropped me a note to let me know that she had finished up a couple more quilts.  She always impresses me with her hard work!!

Ronda wrote:
Last week I delivered all the charity quilts I had finished up in the last month or so to the Ronald McDonald House and the Gospel Mission which houses the Fathers with Children residents.  At the Ronald McDonald house, they gave me a complete tour of the facilities.  I was impressed!  The house is very nicely furnished and decorated beautifully.  The gal who gave me the tour is southern and had the most lovely drawl.  She told me that her grandma was a quilter and had tried to teach her to quilt, too, but she just wasn’t good at it.  She said really she thought being southern, it should have been in her DNA!  Hahaha!

   Then, at the Fathers with Children, I met one of the residents there who had a toddler son.  The little boy looked about the age of your grandson, and he had the chubby cheeks and blond hair, too.  The father was very polite and thankful and said his son would love to sleep under one of the quilts I was donating.  It’s all so humbling and makes me ever grateful for my home and the life I have.”

I think every charitable person needs to occasionally see the people or facility they are donating to.  I think it gives purpose to the hard work being done.

Ronda went on to share her finishes:

The first quilt is one I sewed together from blocks sent to me by your friend, Connie (Thanks Connie!!) in Minnesota.  She also sent enough fabric for sashing and the backing.”


“The second one I made from blocks sent to me from Jill K. in Boerne, TX.  She sent 36 completed blocks, along with enough fabric to make 6 more.”


I put the backing together from a couple of pieces that weren’t quite big enough alone, but together, they worked great.”

I will start saving some quilts for the annual Humane Society Auction, so if I don’t take these to the Ronald McDonald House, they will be used for the auction.”

WOW.  I love them both.  Thanks so much for your donations Connie and Jill and thanks to Ronda who worked so hard to get them put together.

How fun.  I always love to hear from Ronda!!

6 thoughts on “Charity Quilt From Ronda and Friends”

  1. So glad the quilts are going where they are needed. We stayed at Ronald McDonald house after our daughter was born and couldn’t ask for better accommodations.

  2. Thanks to Connie and Jill for sending blocks and material to Ronda. Ronda, that you for all the hard work you do in completing these quilts and sending them on to those who get to enjoy your work. And thank you Jo, for sharing all that you do.

  3. Thank you, Ronda, for breathing new life into those blocks that I had lost momentum on and was no longer in love with. I appreciate the time you put into this so some one else could use it and love it!

  4. I’m so happy that Ronda finishes these UFOS for us. It’s such a great idea that Jo had to set this up on her website. Thanks to both of you! I may have to go through my UFOS again!

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