Charity Quilt from Ronda and Friends

Ronda has been busy doing charity quilts again.  I have to tease just a bit.  Before Christmas she sent me a note saying she wouldn’t have time to do much over Christmas then just like that,  a week after Christmas has passed there’s another email in my inbox.

Ronda writes:
The first quilt I have to share with you was a top that you passed on to me from Barbara in NM.  She had made the center of the quilt with the X’s and O’s blocks.  She used some word print fabrics in her background, so I added the newsprint border to go with that.”

…”Then I added the floral border to make it just a bit bigger.  That floral print has some of the same colors used in the center blocks and was just wild enough to go with the wild fabrics she used.”

The backing also came from you.  This will be saved for the Humane Society Quilt Auction or another of the fundraisers that I regularly donate to.  It is a large lap sized quilt.”

WOW!!!  This turned out fabulous.  I saw the quilt top that Barbara had sent and this was a perfect way to get the top a little bit bigger.  So often “odd” sized quilt tops are donated.  If quilts are bigger, they bring better money for a benefit…and all in all they are a little more desirable as people of many ages can use them.  Ronda did a great job with the beautiful quilt top that Barbara sent.  WIN!!


The second quilt is from Debbie in NY….…I used some of that same backing fabric from the first quilt as an added border to pick up the red in the print with the butterflies and ladybugs.”

“The backing on this one is also from you.  It will go to the Ronald McDonald House as they like the smaller quilts

When I was cleaning out my sewing room I boxed up backing fabrics and sent them out to Ronda and three other people.  It feels great to have the space in my closet and even better to see it’s being used for a good cause.  The red from the first quilt I got in a box from an auction and the blue gingham came from the thrift store.  YAHOO!!

Three cheers for Ronda and the quilt top makers, Debbie and Barbara.  You ladies teamed up and look at the great causes and people who will be helped.


8 thoughts on “Charity Quilt from Ronda and Friends”

  1. Wow! Now I’m seeing that cute X’s & O’s quilt that Romda made. I think I’ll make some for grand neices & nephews and call them hugs and kisses. Thanks to Ronda for the inspiration! Thanks to YOU, Jo, for sharing so much on your blog!

  2. Beth Culbertson

    Jo, I have “space” to bind a quilt or two of the red arises. I did a couple for you 2-3 years ago and would be happy to help out again.

    Also, I’ve become quite comfortable with my sit down quilter, and would be open to some quilting s well.

    Beth Culbertson

  3. wonderful work ladies. I think my grandaughters would love selecting the fabric and sewing the blocks for the X and O quilt. Does one save the bonus triangles?????

  4. Jo, it’s amazing that you can recall where you bought the different fabrics you see in the quilts Rhonda shows you finished!! All the quilts are beautiful.

  5. Great job ladies and these quilts are bound to bring comfort to those who receive them. Thanks to all that bring love and comfort to others.

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