Charity Quilt From Ronda

Ronda dropped me an email with pictures.  I opened the pictures before I read the note and immediately recognized this as some blocks I had passed on to Ronda.  An anonymous blog reader sent them to me.  There were lots of blocks done but needed a few more.  I had planned on making them and putting it together then in the middle of cleaning my sewing room I had a little reality check!!  I don’t have time for that now…not when my sewing room still wasn’t clean.  It was so much better to pass them on to Ronda or and another charitable group and get them to someone who could use them now.

Ronda writes”
I have two quilts to share with you this time.  The first one is one I made starting with 10 string blocks that you forwarded on to me from an unknown quilter.  Each block was about 10″ X 13″ and foundation pieced on what appeared to me to be used dryer sheets.  I’ve heard of using dryer sheets before ~ that way you don’t need to remove the paper.  However, I don’t have that much laundry with just my husband and myself, and it takes 4 dryer sheets per block.  I figured I needed to make 15 more blocks in order to put together a nice lap sized quilt.  So, my solution to duplicate these blocks was to use wedding isle runner from Hobby Lobby which looks and feels pretty much like a dryer sheet.  It’s cheap and can stay in the quilt with no problems.  The black/white dotty swirl fabric I used for the border (to help tie in the black/white triangles on the corners of the blocks) came from Gloria S. in Lomita, California.  She also sent me the backing fabric.  This one is going to be donated to Eric’s Closet, a local charity that helps out homeless and/or other people in need.”

Ronda has expressed a need for backing so that’s awesome that Gloria sent some to her.  If anyone is cleaning out stash, think of Ronda.  Ronda is #2 on the charity quilters list.

About the second quilt Ronda writes:
The second quilt is made from a completed top sent to me from Debbie S. in Holland, NY.  She also sent enough fabric for the backing and binding!  I just love the colors in this one, so soft and pretty and the backing fabric was perfect.  It will go to the Ronald McDonald House.  Thanks so much, Debbie!

Isn’t this wonderful?….simply sweet.  I so agree that the colors are very soft and nice.

WOW.  How fun was this post….lots of people working together to help others.  I can’t bare to even turn on the news now days….killing, abuse, drunk driving.  I am so thankful for this post each week.  There is good in the world.  Thanks ladies for being part of it!!




6 thoughts on “Charity Quilt From Ronda”

  1. I had never heard of using dryer sheets for foundation piecing! Learned something new again from your blog, Jo! Beautiful quilts once again and both for great causes! I always read the news first since it is always so horrific and save my quilt blogs for last so I end on happy news!

  2. Thank you Ronda for doing such a beautiful job quilting my quilt (the second one). They always look so different once quilted. The pattern is coincidentally called “Sanctuary” and is in the Scrap Basket Beauties book by Kim Brackett. Highly recommend as there are 18 quilts and I plan on making all 18! Thank you Jo and Ronda but inspiring us with your talents!

  3. Good morning, and sorry this may become a duplicate post as the first post got lost in internet space. I made the second quilt and it never ceases to amaze me how different finishing a quilt top makes – you did an absolutely beautiful job Ronda! The quilt pattern is from a book called Scrap-Basket Beauties by Kim Bracket – 18 wonderful quilts and I am planning on making each one – great instructions and great scrap busters! This one is called appropriately “Sanctuary.” Thank you Jo and Ronda for continuing to inspire your blog readers!

  4. I like both quilts, but the first quilt is my favorite. I like the bright colors. Nice work to all involved in making these quilts. Thanks for sharing.

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