Charity Quilt from Pat and Cheryl

The volunteer piecers and quilters have been busy again.  This beautiful quilt top comes from Patricia Templin of Spokane, Washington.  Pat used a variety of neutrals, maroons, greens, and blacks.

Pat’s quilt is made of 11” blocks, and each block has 17 pieces.  The blocks are made in the crazy-quilt style, but the 17 pieces are the same size and orientation in all the blocks.  Maybe Pat used a template to cut the pieces so they would be uniform.  It makes the blocks looks crisp and clean…or maybe it was a stack and whack type of quilt.


Look at the three fabrics across the top of the block; they are three different neutral fabrics.

Below is a second block, turned in the same orientation as the block above.  You can see the three pieces across the top of the block are neutral, maroon, and green.


Shown below is a third block.  This time, the three fabrics across the top are neutral, maroon, and neutral.  Because Pat used a variety of fabrics and turned the blocks in different ways, each block looks unique.  Fabulous!

I sent Pat’s top to Cheryl in Dallas for quilting and binding.  I often send bed-size quilts to her because the charity she supports uses larger quilts.

The top is loaded on the longarm and ready for the quilting to begin.  The digital quilting pattern for this one is Hall of Mirrors, created by Apricot Moon Designs.


Just getting started on the 12 rows of quilting.  When my shoulder is acting up, sometimes I wish I could just sit back WATCH my longarm machine do the work by itself.  “Look ma, no hands!”


Cheryl in Dallas added the black binding (also supplied by Pat), and then arranged the photo shoot in the backyard.  Here it is finished!!  Take a look…

I like how the two pieced borders mimic the crazy-quilt center of the quilt.

Pat sent a wide backing in a subtle floral print.


The backing looks just right with the colors on the front of the quilt.  Next up is a label with the piecer and quilter’s names and the date.  Then a turn in the washing machine.


This quilt has already been sent to the House of Hope in Gainesville, Florida.  Three new residents arrived at the small facility last month, and Cheryl in Dallas sent a box of three quilts for them.  I think it’s great that the women get to chose from quilts made by my wonderful blog readers.

I’m sending big thanks to Pat and Cheryl for their work on this puzzle-block quilt.  It will be a much loved and much used quilt by its new owner.

5 thoughts on “Charity Quilt from Pat and Cheryl”

  1. very interesting quilt!
    it looks like the designer used either a paper piecing technique,
    or a “flip and sew” technique with 5 different
    bases, which were then sewn together to form the block.
    this would be a great scrap quilt too.

  2. Love the quilt ladies! It looks kind of modern in design but the fabrics are traditional! Great contrast! Someone is going to love it!

  3. This technique looks to me like the Stack the Deck (or something similar) technique by Karla Alexander (I think that’s her name). You stack a certain number of squares, cut out the layers, then shuffle the layers so no block is the same as any other. I think she does have a set of templates available, and she may have a Craftsy class on the technique.

  4. I’m intrigued. Jo, can you get Pat to tell us what the pattern is? I’d love to make one in multicolor solids! Thanks!

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